For those that are afraid of heights, these amazing structures on cliffs might make you nauseous. For the rest of us, however, this article might just give you a few more names to add on to your bucket list. From art to settlements on cliffs and mountains, you’ll find everything here.

1. Bandiagra Escarpment:

Home to the Dogon people since the 15th century, the Bandiagra Escarpment settlement in Mali, it served as protection from invaders and maintained their traditional culture. Unfortunately, the culture that fostered the precarious stone settlements is taking a battering from the tourist industry. A huge majority of Mali’s visitors go to see the Dogon settlements, and many local artifacts are stolen and sold for profit. Economic and environmental pressures are now driving the native settlers away from the apparent comfort of their steep dwellings to the nearby plains below.


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India has a road network of over 4,689,842 kilometres making it the second largest road network in the world. But not all roads in India are easy to ride on. The following is the list of the 8 most scary & dangerous motorable roads in India. All of the roads listed below are located in the northern region of India and above an average sea level of 3000 m. Most of them are built and maintained by the Indian Army.

8Shimla to Manali Route: 

It’s a 265 km long route that connects Shimla and Manali (Himachal Pradesh, India. Surrounded by mountains on one side and Bias river on the other, this route makes way into our list for its popularity. It has lots of dangerous turns and narrow passages making it one of the hardest routes across India.



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On the vast surface of this Earth, it is safe to say, there are many places unexplored by mankind. There are, however, places and things that have been explored and are known to man but at present time restricted to the general public for viewing unless it is for academic purposes (only in some places). Curiosity has been known to kill the cat but these places are safely nestled away from prying eyes. Attention to all inquisitive minds, this is a list of places that are closed off to people for access but definitely spark the curiosity.

Lascaux Caves, France

The Lascaux Caves, known to house some of the best well-known Upper Paleolithic Art, is situated near the village of Montignac in Dordogne. The paintings are approximately 17,300 years old according to estimation. They are largely paintings of animals that were said to have lived in the region during that time (based on fossils collected in the area). Lascaux was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1979 alongwith other historical sites in the surrounding area of the Vezere Valley.
Lascaux has been closed to the public since 1963 because the carbon dioxide produced by visitors were damaging the paintings. Currently, however, they are dealing with the problem of fungus which could be attributed to the air conditioning system, the high-powered lighting or the presence of still too many visitors. Therefore, at the moment, only one person is allowed inside, to check the conditions, every week for 20 minutes.

Lascaux1 copy

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India has started hosting major music festivals & concerts ranging form underground metal bands to the most popular artists in the world. Here is a list of some of the largest & best festivals that you must attend if you love live music.


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