As 2012 comes to an end, we look back at a distinctive year of fashion that saw a huge revival of older trends, re-imagined with spunk to appeal to today's masses, as well as some nouveau trends tailored with flair and creativity. The year also saw a large number of translations from runway to reality, with some designers achieving a perfect balance between inspirational design, and commercial value. These are the trends of 2012 that were the most popular, and widely exploited by all:

Peplum was easily the most popular trend of the year. Inspired by ancient Greek women's attire, the modern day peplum is a flared overskirt attached to the hem of a blouse or at the waistband of a tight fitting skirt. The peplum adds a touch of class to even a simple, casual or formal outfit. The duchess' endorsement of the peplum, demonstrated by the number of times she has been spotted wearing it has only added to it's popularity with the masses.

Celebs in Peplum


Duchess in Peplum

Peplum Dress

Peplum Top

Bringing some drama to the scene was a dark burgundy colour. The town was literally painted oxblood as everyone was seen sporting the colour - from dresses and jackets to pants and lips. Oxblood, besides being the hot trend this year, brought a genre of theatrical fashion to the forefront with it's enigmatic and mysterious overtones. Exuding a luxurious vibe, it was a welcome change that set itself apart from the typical greys and reds.

Oxblood Bag

Oxblood Lipstick and Dress

Neons took the market by storm as one of the most unexpected and hottest selling trends of summer and spring. This bright coloured trend virtually took over the market with bags, nailpolishes, jewellery, swim wear, tops, dresses, all made available in these fluorescent hues.

Neon Bag

Neon Dress

Neon Nails

Prints came back with a vengeance this year and were an ubiquitous presence in the fashion scene. We saw a baroque revival with tribal and animal prints also making splashes in the industry. If you thought it stopped there, then you're wrong - designers went crazy with alternative, modernistic prints that showcased artistic flair.

Animal Print


Peackock Print

Androgynous Fashion
Women are slowly creeping into mens shoes...and their clothing, too, it seems. The classic male look took over womens fashion with everyone dressing themselves like James Bond but with obvious femininity. Celebrities were rocking runways all over suited up in suit pants, jackets and bow ties. Some did it with simplicity, while others try to get funky with their outfits. A special mention to bow ties as they seemed to exhaust all creativity in varied looks and patterns.

Androgynous Fashion

Bow Tie  Androgyny

It started with the revolutionary Peter Pan collar that became rapidly popular. Loose collars and attached ones, simple collars and fancy ones, we had them all this year. It was collars galore adding the right amount of fun or class to an outfit.

Loose Collar

Peter Pan Collared Chain

Peter Pan Collar Dress

Palazzos and Pajama-inspired Pants
Pajama-inspired pants with crazy prints and palazzo pants were doing the rounds in the market. Their main attractability was the comfort. A cool printed pajama could add spice to an otherwise boring outfit or you could don a pair of sheer palazzo pants for a laid-back look.

Pajama Pants

Sheer Palazzos

It was like a heavy metal fashion rally when studs hit the fashion scene in a big way. Designers were putting them on everything.

Studded Jacket

Studded Shoes

Luxe Sweatshirts
Comfort meets cute and has fashionable babies in the form of Luxe sweatshirts. Shiny, floral or funky prints - a luxe sweatshirt is an investment because you can pair it with a classy skirt for a formal look or some jeans for a casual look. It's the perfect pick to stay fashionably warm.

Luxe Sweatshirt

Luxe Sweatshirt Casual

Leather-sleeved jackets
Stay fashionably snug in a leather-sleeved jacket which was a hot pick this year in fashion trends. It's the perfect combination of rebel meets school girl. You can give off a bad-ass and innocent vibe all at the same time.

Leather Sleeved

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