Riusuke Fukahori was born in 1973 in the Aichi prefecture, he went on to graduate from the Aichi Art University in 1995 and has pursued full time work since 1999.

In 2002 he started creating 3D images of goldfish by using acrylic and resin and painting one layer at a time, the end result is a fusion of hundreds of 2-dimensional painted resin images, layered one on top of the others, similar to the function of a 3D printer. The whole process is equal parts painting and sculpture. It is hard to comprehend the gravity of Fukahori's task, and with each new layer, the goldfish begin to take shape, shifting from the colorfully abstract to the shockingly detailed.

Here are some of the amazing pieces Fukahori has created with his unique method :








Riusuke states that the idea of creating goldfish sculptures came to his mind during a long period of depression when he was spending a lot of time at home, and could not find any inspiration for his artwork. Watching his own goldfish at home was a welcome relief, and helped better his mood dramatically, and gave him the inspiration and energy to experiment with creative and novel ways to capture his feelings when looking at the goldfish in art. It took until 2005 for Riusuke to get recognition for amazing works of art in Japan and his international debut was in 2008 on the Shanghai Art Fair. He then also exhibited his art in Taiwan and Germany was recently promoted by the ICN Gallery in London.









He writes : "Throughout their history, goldfish have continuously been artifically bred to create various types, they are uncomplicatef fish that continue to entertain and heal us. I will keep searching for the motivation for my activities as an artist through goldfish. To think about goldfish and express them as my artwork is to look into my inner self and seek my own identity."


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