Already having exhausted their creative abilities through billboards, advertising agencies are now targeting all aspects of a building. From a football sticking out of a building to ponytails dropping down the side of one, advertisers have left no stone unturned in their campaigns.  Take a look at 15 of the Most Creative Advertisements on Buildings.

creative advertisements on buildings collage


Anando Milk-Superhuman Powers 

creative ads on buildings-1
Anando Milk, India, wanted to increase milk consumption among children. Thus, this very innovative ad was created McCann Erikson Agency and placed on one of Mumbai’s buildings. Released in India in June 2008, you can see a child who has become strong enough, due to the benefit of milk, to move a part of the building itself. 


Coop's Paints (Insurance Ad) 

creative ads on buildings-2
This is actually not an ad for paint, as is commonly believed. It is an ad from Nationwide Insurance. The Ohaio based Insurance Company has executed an amusing TV, billboard and print ad campaign that features the company’s slogan “Life Comes at You Fast”.



creative ads on buildings-3
In order to promote the brand image and preference for Axe for a month, female students’ dormitory was wrapped in the shape of a calendar to express that a new female can be met on a daily basis.


Allstate Insurance: Marina Tower

creative ads on buildings-4
Yes, that is an actual car placed on the edge of the parking garage. It is an advertisement to promote Allstate auto insurance in Marina Towers, a famous landmark in the center of downtown Chicago.

Powerhouse Gym

creative ads on buildings-5
This imaginative ad campaign by Powerhouse Gym creates an impression that the body builders are lifting heavy weights from the construction site.

Vodafone: Make the most of now

creative ads on buildings-6
This Vodafone ad is placed just outside London’s Heathrow Terminal 1. Created by BBH London, the ad caters to Vodafone’s strategy of “Make the most of now”.

Inception: The Dream is Real

creative ads on buildings-7
For promoting the movie Inception, large wall paintings were created on the sides of buildings.

Check the Gas 

creative ads on buildings-8
“Check the gas” - an advertisement in Russia

Pantene Anti-Breakage Shampoo 

creative ads on buildings-9
Three large ponytails were attached to buildings in downtown Toronto for two days to demonstrate Pantene’s claim of “really strong hair”. Live male climbers actually climbed up these ponytails.

Nike Football

creative ads on buildings-10
This huge Nike ball stuck on the side of a building was used to promote the World Cup.

Cola-Cola: Refresh On The Side Of Life 

creative ads on buildings-11
A very apt and unique ad campaign by Coca-Cola.

Nike Sport 

creative ads on buildings-12
This ad displays how fast you can run with Nike tennis shoes. 

Sprint PCS X-Ray 

creative ads on buildings-13
An advertising campaign from Sprint PCS X-Ray

 Havaianas sandals

creative ads on buildings-14
This witty advertisement promotes Havaianas sandals in New York.

Midea electric fan 

creative ads on buildings-15
This well known landmark in Shanghai known as the Haitong Building has a distinct curved top. Firstell Communications Agency made use of this and placed an ad on the opposite building, creating the illusion that the wave design on the building was caused by the powerful gust from a Midea electric fan.

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