Fascinating Angry Birds Merchandise 

Since their launch in 2009, the Angry Birds have catapulted into instant fame, all without the use of a slingshot! But the sheer addiction for the gameplay continues well past the confines of the video game, spilling out into life in various imaginative forms! Check out some fascinating Angry Bird merchandise that will enchant you quite as much as the game itself!



1. Angry Birds RC Helicopter

The Angry Birds may not be able to fly, but these Angry Birds RC Helicopters sure can! Fly your birds indoors or outdoors with a wireless remote. With a flying time of up to 10 minutes, and reaching up to a height of 30 - 45 feet, the sky's the limit to all the fun you can have!


1d helicopter


Combine two of the world's best-loved games and you have something you just can't keep away from! Have hours of three-dimensional fun with Angry Birds through the LEGO Angry Birds collection!

2a lego 

 2b lego

 3. Angry Birds iPhone and iPod Touch Cases

Get these angry, grumpy and cranky birds to look pretty on your Apple iGadgets! Take them around in style!

3b iphone

  3g iphone

4. Angry birds Formula One Racing Helmet

Rovio teams up with formula One, and you can find the Angry Birds on F1 opener Heikki Kovalainen's helmet! How many eyeballs for the helmet, and just how many for F1 do you think?

 4b helmet


5 Angry Bird Speakers

Check out the Angry Birds speaker series - Find a red angry bird, a sharp black bird and a happy green pig with an inbuilt iPod dock in the helmet up for grabs! Which would you choose?

5a speakers

 5b speakers

5c speakers

6. Angry Birds Flash Drives

The Angry Birds USB drives have a 4GB capacity, but hold much more in terms of fun, entertainment and sheer love for the game! Go flashy with your drives in red, white, yellow and green!

6a flash drive

7. Angry Birds Brassieres 

It’s highly doubtful that the creators of the Angry Birds have sanctioned the Angry Bird Brassieres, but it's innovative, alright! So go kinky if you want to, but please try not to use this as a slingshot for launching birds, as tempting as it may be.

7a brassieres

8. Angry Birds Plush Toys

You don't have to be a 3-year-old kid to fall in love with one of these li'l fellahs! Then again, if you think you're all grown up to play with a plush toy, you could settle for the backpack clips instead.

8a plush toys8b plush toys

9. Angry Birds USB Slingshot Fires Virtual Avian Ammo

Here's a way to jazz up your game! This Angry Birds USB slingshot actually fires virtual avian ammunition! The slingshot interfaces with the Angry Birds game through a USB connection, and the PC recognizes the slingshot as a mouse. So pull back the real slingshot in your hand, and dive headfirst into the game!

9a ammo

10. Angry Bird Shoes

Simple canvas shoes look so much snazzier with Angry Birds adorning them! Here's what all the fans want - to walk with the birds, step by step!

10a shoes 

11. Angry birds Mask Set

This one's great for kiddie birthday parties! Make sure everyone gets one, unless you want some real angry birds flying around!

11a mask set

12. Angry Birds Beanies

Cute, crocheted and cuddly is not how you might want to describe them. So let's just say they're cool.

12a beanies

13. Decal Skins

Cover your laptop or iDevice's back with the Angry Birds decal skins. They give some tough personality to your devices!

13a decal skins

13c decal skins

14. Clothing 

Wear your attitude with Angry Birds!

16a clothes



 16d clothes

 16e clothes


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