April Fools Day Pranks

>Celebrated on April 1st all over the world, April Fool’s day or All Fools day is a day of fun and jokes. The tradition began in France in 1582. Before this, the New Year was celebrated for eight days starting from March 25th. Later on, under the reign of Charles IX, New Year’s day was shifted to January 1st as the Gregorian calendar was introduced.  However, many people either didn’t receive the news for several years or were too obstinate to accept the new calendar.  These people were labeled as ‘fools’ and were subjected to ridicule. As time passed, this pestering continued and this formed a tradition of playing pranks on the 1st of April. April Fools Day came be recognized as an international festival.





 boss office post it notes

 car covered in toilet paper

car wrapped around tree


50th bday

cling film

cups filled with water


 college dorm room

mouse prank



post it prank

bathroom office


shipping material

shredded paper


wrapping paper


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