Spectacular Art made of Food - Foodscapes


For all those foodies out there, here’s a surprise for you.  Fruit, vegetables and meat are no longer used just for culinary purposes but also for creating foodscapes, landscapes made out of food.  These masterpieces contain everything from salami to pumpkin seeds and are a treat to the eyes. 


foodscapes collage

Carl Warner is the face and name behind these spectacular foodscapes. An advertising photographer by profession, he’s actually been photographing landscapes since the past 25 years.  Foodscapes are a little more recent, just over 10 years old.  His work has become such a rage that he has custom-built for many advertising agencies all over the world that have clients in the food industry.
The ‘Foodscapes’ are created in Carl’s London studio where they are built on top of a large purpose built triangular table top.  He says he uses model makers and food stylists in order to create his sets.
“I tend to draw a very conventional landscape using classic compositional techniques as I need to fool the viewer into thinking it is a real scene at first glance, it is the realization that the scene is in fact made of food that brings a smile to the viewer, and for me that’s the best part”




The British artist takes about two to three days to build and photograph each landscape and then a couple more retouching and fine tuning the images to blend all the elements together.


The only problem with such creations is the waste. Carl told the UK’s Telegraph: "Although there is a fair amount of waste, there is a lot of food left over which is always shared out with the team, though most of the food used in the sets have either been superglued or pinned, and neither of these makes for good eating.”


He has even published a book called ‘Food Landscapes’ and is working on an animated television series which will promote healthy eating and deals with issues of diet and nutrition in children.

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