Top Ten Batman Gadgets

  There’s evil prowling in Gotham City, the cops are high and dry, the innocent are frightened but they know their ‘Dark Knight’. ‘The Caped Crusader’ will come to their rescue. Who are we talking about, yes, most famously known as ‘The Batman’; DC Comic’s most sought after crime detectives. A superhero without any superpowers. The question is if he has n osuperpowers then how he gets about his heroicness. How is he always way ahead of his foes? Well apart from his unparalleled knowledge and world class expertise in almost every field, it has to be his science and technology fuelled Gadgets that aid him in his crusade against crime. The arsenal of Batman comprises of a host of sophisticated gadgets all conceptualised and created by Lucius Fox and Alfred Pennyworth and Batman himself. The commonality between all these gadgets is the jet black colour and the classic Batman insignia. Let’s see which ones are the most coveted ones.




1) Batmobile

First up is the Batmobile aka The Tumbler. Many would say that it’s a vehicle and not a gadget, but seriously do you know what all it can do. It’s a house of gadgets in itself. To name a few of its features: rocket launcher, stealth mode, emergency tire inflator, bat computer, bat phone, bat smokescreen, police band cut-in switch and it goes on and on.  To quote Jim Gordon “I got to get me one of those”.
The batmobile can also eject the Batpod (Batman’s motorcycle), so if you wish to drive it’s a car and if you want to feel the wind in your face then simply eject the motorcycle, how cool is that.

Batman Gadgets - Tumbler
2) Batpod

For those of you who aren’t batman fans Batpod is batman’s motorcycle, but not just a motorcycle. It’s a lean mean dream machine for many boys and any girl would drool buckets if she saw her man on it. It’s half black and half shiny metal body will make your eyes pop out. And like I said it’s not a regular bike, it a high powered bike with engines housed in the front and rear tyre hubs, the tyres are enormously huge. The bike hasbuilt in grappling hooks, machine guns, cannons. No handle bars instead the bike has to be steered with shoulders and hence shields that fit each arm like sleeves and can be fully rotated around the bike. Riders have to ride this bike lying down on their belly. The Batpod is a pure adrenaline rush.

2 batman gadgets-batpod


 3) Batarangs

The Batarang is Batman’s adaptation of a boomerang, but unlike a boomerang every time he threw one of those it never came back to him, strange! Instead it was used to scale up and down tall buildings of Gotham city, or to knock out enemy’s fire arms. It was also used as an explosive at times or electrically charged to electrify the enemy.


3 batman gadgets-batarangs

 4) The Grapple Gun
The grapple gun or Bat-grapple is used to fire a bat-hook which is attached to a wire that helped batman to scale tall buildings or swing from one to the other. It is a cool looking gizmo but not multifaceted like other gadgets. But nevertheless very useful for the crime fighter, after all it beats city traffic.

4 batman gadgets-grapple gun


5) Utility Belt

This is the most remarkably significant part of Batman's entire costume. The purpose of this belt is not to hold up batman's pants it serves a far greater purpose than that. It's a handy belt which is a supply house of many batman gadgets. The belt looks like any normal leather strap belt with a big buckle, which has a miniature camera and a two way camera embedded in it. Apart from this the speciality of the belt is that it has small pouches strapped on the outside. These pouches or cylinders store the batarangs, tear gas pellets, infrared flashlight, bat-cuffs, lock picking tools, bat-grapple, mini explosives, cyro capsules etc. Batman modifies the content of the utility belt as per the requirements of crime he is fighting. Even the other members of the batman family have similar belts.

5 batman gadgets-uitility belt

       Wait there much more from where these came from…….



6) Memory Cape

The batman’s cape does more than just whiplashing the enemies when he swings it around. The black cape is bullet proof, fire resistant. This device was modified in The Dark Knight Strikes Again, where the corners of the cape were made razor sharp to slash the enemy hides. But in the 2005 Batman Begins this cape took a whole new meaning, where when an electric current is passed through the cape, the memory fibre chips embedded in it turn the cape rigid that aid the Batman glide and fly across the city. 

6 batman gadgets-memory cape

7) Batsuit

Every superhero has a costume or outfit and that’s how people recognise him. It’s distinctive so that whenever he approaches the crime scene flying, some kid can spot him from miles away and say, “look, look it’s the batman!” well this is from people’s perspective but for the superhero and in this case the Batman, his suit is his protection, his mask to hide his identity and at the same time give him those extra powers that makes him the superhero that he is. The Batsuit has evolved along with the character over the years, but basically it is black in colour with a cape (sometimes bulletproof or fire resistant), a bat like cowl with defence mechanism like electric shocks or stun gas, gloves with blades on its sides, a yellow utility belt with half of batman’s arsenal attached to it, and dark colour briefs over body hugging suit (in vogue for all the superheroes!), black boots and icing on the cake the batman insignia emblazoned in yellow across his broad brawny chest. 

7 batman gadgets-batsuit

8) Bat Sonic Call

The bat sonic call is this emitter that is placed at the heels of batman’s boots. What it basically does is that it send out this sonic waves that attract a cloud of bats. This is cab be used two way either to create obstruction and chaos when in a tricky situation or used as an escape route as it can buy batman some precious time when the enemy is being attacked by the bats. Not many know that batman is petrified of bats but he uses bat as his alias to instil similar dread amongst the evil doers.

8 batman gadgets- bat sonic call


9) Night vision Bat-Goggles

This was a built in feature in Batman’s Cowl that enabled him to see in the dark, considering he only fights crime in the dark. Indeed a very handy gadget for Batman.
The phrase “you can run but you can’t hide” is quite apt for this gadget. If it is everon sale, that should be the USP of these goggles.

9 batman gadgets-night vision goggles

Last in this list but not in Batman’s popular arsenal would be


10) Bat Cuffs

Why this gadget and not any other from the arsenal. Very simple after so many gadgets for impairing the bad guys it has to be the classic Bat Cuffs a memorabilia for the bad guy and a lasting imprint in the minds of the Gotham City Police, welcoming them for their gratitude.

10 batman gadgets-batcuffs


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