Ever dreamt of having a perfect date which has all that makes it memorable, romantic and has just the right amount of fun in it? Laughing and chattering while having exquisite barbeque food and delicious desserts while being surrounded by a picturesque sight with a beautiful sunset and smoothly drifting along the cool and calm waters, sounds just perfect doesn't it? Well, you could enjoy all of this at once when you dine in Dubai's eminent Barbeque Donut!


No, it's not a restaurant which serves you barbequed donuts but it's a boat in the shape of a donut which has a barbeque grill in the centre of it!


 It is a prime 'restaurant' in Dubai to dine in for an extraordinary lunch,dinner or even afternoon tea! This boat runs by a motor which is left for the diners to operate, it goes at just the right pace, not too slow nor too fast! The boat is rather user-friendly and it's motor has been specially designed for the easy usage it offers to it's customers.




The stunning BBQ Donut allows you to feast with your friends and folks while floating calmy on the Dubai Creek while enjoying the delectable semi-charred food and a truly scenic view of the surroundings and the city skyline.



The BBQ Donut, Dubai offers a luscious a la carte menu or you may also grill and have barbeque party using their exceptional Barbeque. When you choose to go for the barbeque, various fresh meats and ingredients which are perfectly marinated are stocked in a container along with a pretty wide range of drinks and as well as some mouthwatering desserts!



So, instead of having the same old family time, you could choose to dine in the impressive BBQ Donut to add a little twist to your mundane outings and give your family this special dining experience!




Dining in the barbeque donut Dubai is possible between 12pm to 9pm.



 If you wish to own your own BBQ donut boat, you very well could! Just by paying about  ₤20000!



The Barbeque Donut exists in San Deigo and a couple of other countries under a different name but a similar concept as well.






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