Top 10 Creative Bed Designs

What we all want is a bed that is comfortable enough to sleep in. However, what is even better is if the bed has personality. Following are the coolest and most creative beds designs ever!



Creative Bed Designs collage



1) Magnetic floating bed
This super cool bed is worth a whopping $1.53 million. It has been designed by Dutchman Janjaap Ruijssenaars and has enough magnets to keep 900 kilos floating in the air. It’s also fastened to the walls by four cables to ensure that the bed doesn’t float away due to hard wind or weird movements.


magnetic floating bed


2) Hamburger bed
This delicious hamburger bed was made by Kayla Kromer from scratch. The bed is 8’ in diameter and is about 3’ tall. This bed isn’t for sale anymore as it has found it’s home in the Hamburger Museum. However, till date it continues to have a strong facebook following.


hamburger bed


 3) Molecular bed
This unique bed is inspired by a molecular structure which is the basic form for all objects in the universe. The bed designed by Animi Causa and is made of 120 sofa balls covered with elastic fabric.


molecular bed


4) Fantasy coach
This lavish bed has been handcrafted in England of wood and fiberglass and is a dream come true for all little girls. This magnificent oval-shaped piece is just over 6 feet in diameter and is worth $ 47,000.


 fantasy coach


5) Cosmovoide bed
This plush bed comes with a number of fascinating features such as hammock-like suspending springs, seven rainbow colored LEDs, a telephone and a DVD/Home theatre system with a TV at its foot. As if all this was not enough, its most important feature is the twin “electric relaxation bed frames”. All of this is worth $ 60,000.


cosmovoide bed


 6) Quantum sleeper
This bed is also known as the “anti-terrorist” bed as it protects you from everything ranging from natural disasters to kidnappers by snugly sealing itself as you sleep. It also offers bulletproof ‘Saferoom’ protection along with optional telephone, DVD and CD players and microwave oven. All this protection at a price of $ 160,000 dollars.


quantum sleeper


7) Private cloud
Designed by Manuel Kloker, the private cloud bed has a rocking frame for a bed that moves back and forth like a rocking chair. It costs about $ 6,800 depending on the size.


 private cloud


8) Coffin bed
This bed has been made especially for those people who want to want what it’s like to sleep in a coffin.  It’s constructed out of solid pine with a removable top and bottom. Moreover, it is also decorated with a handmade metal cross and gothic pall bearer handles. All this will cost you a little over $ 4,000.


coffin bed



  9) Bookcase bed
The idea behind designing this bed is to create more space in a small room. The mattress converts into a bookcase by making it stand upright. Created by Karen Babel the bed has five storage shelves which are suspended in mid-air by a wall mounted frame.


bookcase bed


10) Illuminated bed
Designed by Philippe Boulet, this bed keeps on changing colours. You can wake up with your favourite colours by programming the lighting of the bed at the time of your choice.


illuminated bed




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