A flashmob is a group of people who amass at a public location to simultaneously perform a random act and then disperse, mostly for entertainment, artistic expression or satire. The idea of a flashmob first came to a Bill Wasik, senior editor of Harper's Magazine. He, however, meant it is a social experiment to mock hipsters and the culture of conformity but instead gave conformity a vehicle to spread more widely.
Here's a list of the best and coolest flashmobs of all time:

Best Flash Mob!



1. Grand Central Station:
This flashmob shows over 200 people who suddenly freeze in the middle of Grand Central Station right out of the blue, unfreeze and then walk away. This video could be credited with starting the flashmob revolution that hit the world.

 2. T-Mobile Dance:
T-Mobile used the flashmob revolution to their advantage by exploiting it to advertise their brand. It garnered them a huge win with over 20 million views on Youtube and obviously mass brand awareness.

3. Stockholm:
Michael Jackson's death was a huge loss to the music industry and to show their solidarity and respect to his life's work a group of 300 dancers learned this routine within half an hour. It was a pleasant surprise for all onlookers giving them almost 6.6 million views on Youtube.

4. Oprah Winfrey Show
When Black Eyed Peas performed on Oprah in Chicago the audience had a cool surprise in store for her. It started with a girl in the front row breaking out into dance and the back rows consecutively following suit. It was a true spectacle to watch, as millions of viewers will agree.

5. Ohio Union:
Ohio state students and staff danced their way into flashmob history with their number on 'Don't Stop Believing' at Ohio Union. This is a testament to the virality of the internet because it spread like wildfire on Youtube. It started with a single dancer that gre into hundreds within a minute.

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