If you want something really unique along with your food, then dine at one of these restaurants for the experience of a lifetime.  From food being served via a syringe to being served on a toilet seat…here is a list of the 10 Most Bizarre Restaurants!

1) Dinner in the sky

 dinner in the sky 2

dinner in the sky

 At this unique restaurant, the sky is the limit! It is a restaurant which was originally built in Belgium but is now operated in more than 35 countries including US, Australia, South-Africa and India.  It serves dinner for 22 people at a table suspended 50 feet in the air. It is available for a session for 8 hours which can be divided or personalized.


2) Nyotaimori restaurant






The word “Nyotaimori” literally means “female body plate”.  Traditionally, the concept of eating Japanese delicacies like sushi and sashimi off the nude body of a woman was quite popular.  Disgusting or adventurous? You decide.


3) Modern Toilet


toilet restaurant

toilet restaurant 2

Modern Toilet is a restaurant in Taiwan where guests sit on colorful toilet seats instead of the normal chairs. Everything in this 3-storey restaurant is related to items from a bathroom.  The food is served in plates and bowls which are shaped like the western toilet and Japanese “squat” toilets. Drinks are also served in miniature urinals.  The meals are served on bathroom sinks with a glass cover.  The walls are also decorated with showerheads with plungers hanging from the ceiling along with feces-shaped lights.


4) Dark restaurant


dark restaurant

dark restaurant 2

It is believed that by depriving one of one’s sense, the other are stimulated to their maximum capacity and so your food will taste more delicious than ever before. This is was the theory behind opening Asia’s first dark restaurant.  It is located in Beijing, China. Customers are asked to wait in the brightly lit entrance wall and are then escorted by waiters wearing night vision goggles into the pitch black dining room. The interior of the restaurant is painted completely black. You are not allowed to use even your mobile phone while you’re in this restaurant.


5) New Lucky restaurant


graveyard restaurant

new lucky resto 2

It is our belief that a lot of things bring us luck but have you ever considered graveyards as part of that package? Krishan Kutti Nair, who runs the ‘graveyard’ restaurant in Ahmadabad thinks just that.  This restaurant is built over a centuries-old Muslim cemetery. It is known for its milky tea, butter rolls and the graves between the tables.  The graves are painted green, are about shin high and every day they’re decorated with a single dried flower by the manager.  The graves themselves are dotted randomly across the restaurant and customers seem to like them.


6) The prison restaurant


prison resto

prison resto 2

A high-security Italian prison, Fortezza Medicea, has opened its restaurant to the public.  The priso was a former castle at Volterra.  The restaurant is so popular that Italy’s prison department is thinking of trying it in other jails.  Executed by Bruno, a pianist doing life for murder, the diners eat inside a deconsecrated chapel under the watchful eye armed prison wardens, searchlights and security cameras.  The diners all have to go through background and security checks.


7) Ithaa restaurant


ithaa 1ithaa 2

Ithaa is the world’s first all-glass undersea restaurant 16 feet below sea level.  It is opened at the Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa in April 2005. Ithaa which means mother-of-pearl in Dhivehi is a 5-by-9 meter mostly acrylic structure.  It can accommodate 14 people at a time and offers diners 270 degrees of panoramic underwater view.  The restaurant was designed and constructed by M.J Murphy Ltd.


8) Cabbages and Condoms restaurant


c n c 2

c n c 1

This is a very famous chain of restaurants in Thailand.  It was established in part to support the activities of PDA (Population and Community Development Association).  They promote the health and safety aspects of condoms in a fun and amusing manner while serving excellent food. There are condoms on the wall and pictures of condoms printed on the carpets. Instead of after-dinner mints, customers are offered a bowl of condoms at the counter.


9) DS Hospital Restaurant


medical resto 2

medical resto

Aptly named, you will find everything that’s usually present in a hospital within this restaurant. From waitresses dressed as nurses, x-rays and crutches on the wall they have it all! Drinks are brought on a hospital trolley once you’ve chosen from the list of ‘medicines’ with names such as Vitamin A, Tetanus or Tranquilizer.  You are either served via a syringe or a test tube depending on the drink of your choice. Most of the tables are hospitals beds.  The owner came up with this bizarre idea to express his gratitude for care he received at a local hospital. 


10) Kinderkookkafe


kids cafe 1

kids cafe 2

This small restaurant located in Amsterdam, Netherlands is managed entirely by children. With a little help from the grown-up staff, they cook, serve, bring the bill and wash up.  They make pizza, decorate cupcakes and make sausage animals.  The menu includes main course and dessert. The food is healthy and at very reasonably priced.





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