Bodyscapes by Jean Paul Bourdier

In the era of digital manipulation and effects in the visual media, Jean Paul Bourdier revives the analog photography and brings to us surreal Bodyscapes. He calls it ‘staged photography’, blending human bodies and natural landscapes into one.  Check out the French Photographer's work through his lens.



The artistic photography in front of you is the outcome of fiery imagination, days of desert exploration in the natural landscapes of West America and the incredible hardwork of his team. His passion for Earth, painting, drawing, dance, light oozes out from each of these brilliant photographs.

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Jean Paul Bourdier, a native of France but currently based in California is a Photographer, Author, Co-director of seven films directed by Trinh T. Minh-ha, and also a Professor of Architecture at the UC Berkeley.

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He has been working on this genre of photography past 12 years and has made countless thrilling and exciting trips to the deserts of West America to capture and combine the beauty of Earth and body and create timeless sources of inspiration. His endeavour is to bring to experience a different sense of living poetically and find new liberating perspective in regards to how we relate with our surroundings. 

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He first assembled his work in 2007 in his book ‘Bodyscapes’ and is preparing its sequel ‘Leap into the Blue’ for which he is raising funds on Kickstarter.

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His sense of aesthetics is not only mind-boggling but also commendable. A surreal mix of nature, bare bodies and vivid colours creates untainted and dreamlike depictions.


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When the work is laudable and efforts are worthy then the world applauds. Professor Bourdier is awarded with many prestigious awards like Guggenheim, American Council of Learned Societies, NEA Graham, UC President's Humanities, and Getty.

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