Incredible Chalk Art


The saying that art can take any form, shape and size certainly holds true, especially in today’s day and age.  From oil paintings taking up entire paintings to the modern art constructed out of recycled items, beauty can found in everything.  The latest craze is chalk art, chalk paintings made life-like by true artists.  Read on to find out more.


chalk collage


This magnificent chalk art is created by Justin Beever.  He is famous for giving life to his drawings, making them appear 3-dimensional when they’re actually flat. This is also known as Anamorphic art.  He has drawn on the pavements of England, France, Germany, USA, Australia and Belgium. He says his art is ‘for the people’. A ‘picture’ of his usually takes about 3 days to complete. Following are a few of his most amazing works of art. 


baby with frog



boy on pavementbutterfly



hole in pavement




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