Top 10 Concept Bikes

This article is dedicated to all the bike lovers & thrill chasers out there!! We love these machines for their extreme designs, the smell of burnt rubber tyres, the pleasure of being on the edge and most of all the adrenaline pumping rush. To many, motorcycles are their first love and they are ready to go over the edge to own them. However for a few bike aficionados, they love to design and create these machines from scratch so that they can be the probable bikes of tomorrow.  These bikes are a blend of style, technology, and functionality that defies all traditional concepts of bike designs. Concept bikes have become a huge craze with the manufacturers all over the world, Honda, Ferrari, Dodge, to name a few, they are all vying for a spot in top ten. Check out the potential contenders.




1) Dodge Tomahawk

The Chrysler Group famous for its innovative and high-end technology driven cars and trucks went extreme with their first concept design for motorcycle in 2003. The Dodge Tomahawk can intimidate any other concept design with its massive, partially exposed Viper engine, 4 oversized wheels, fully silver metal body, and a top speed of 300 mph! The Dodge Tomahawk is definitely a style statement.

1 concept bikes-dodge tomahawk

2) I Care Motorcycle

The bike is conceptualised by the Enzyme Group, France. This one is called the Aston Martin of the Two Wheeled World and is powered by a six cylinder 1800cc engine. The bike has not gone into production yet but let’s hope one day it does. If you go by its looks the front is big and is alien like and the rear comparatively smaller, no side stand, and one would have to lie down on the belly to reach the handle as it is in case of batpod.

2 concept bikes- i care

3) Honda V4

‘Honda’, the name is enough to put this concept model in the league of best concept bikes. Revealed at the Intermot motorcycle show, Germany in 2009, the Honda V4 has aroused the curiosity of its audience that what in God’s name is this bike. The creators have only revealed the V4 engine in the bike and nothing more. This bike looks quite rebellious, a devil in disguise and the world agrees.

 3 concpet bikes- honda v4

4) Harley Davidson Circa 2020

Designer Miguel Cotto presents to the world not just a concept bike but a time travel machine. If you take a look at the design, you will think one has leapt across 10 bike generations. It cannot get more futuristic than this. Hubless wheels is what will strike you first, but a closer look reveals the 883cc engine, handle bars attached to the front wheel and not the gas tank. The concept is magnificent but too farfetched.

4 concept bikes-circa 2020

5) Ostoure Concept

Ostoure means ‘legend’ in Persian. Iranian designer, Mohammed Reza Shojaie has combined the primeval and the future into one package deal. He draws his inspirations from the ancient Persian engraving of Persepolis. The muscular bike boasts of a two wheel drive, Bluetooth helmet support, HUD indicators, and an air conditioning system for god only knows what. If our future sings cutting edge technology then this is the concept to look out for on the streets.


6) Swordfish Motorcycle

 Another hubless wheel concept addition to our list. Alexander Kotlyarevsky famous for his 3D car and motorcycle concepts has conceptualised the Swordfish, an heir to the chopper family. This concept model calls for a ‘road trip’. The design of the bike goes by its name, and is quite similar looking to a swordfish. The combination of minimalistic design with great power has made this concept a favourite of many.

7) Zero Moto

The Zero Moto is destined to be the ruler on streets in the year 2050 and beyond. Conceptualised by Wes Rhoad, for Zero Motorcycles (acknowledged for their Eco Drives) Zero Moto is a high speed electric bike, that will be second to none in the future when Eco Concepts will be the core of modernization. Zero Moto is an all-wheel drive with electric motors placed in the front and rear wheels and on-board processor for the control of torque. The hubs and wheels have a revolutionary design, wherein the front and rear wheel can turn in opposite direction to allow a small turning radius. A concept so brilliant that it will make heads turn.

7 concept bikes-zero-moto

 8) Wrath 2083

Designed by Alexander Barnard, the Wrath 2083 is what the future may look like precisely. It is fully controlled by electronics and computer. The concept is what they call ‘think out of the box’, a complete revamp for the chopper bikes. Too bad our generation may not witness the revolution this bike will set in motion when it’s out on the roads.

8 concept bikes-wrath 2083

 9) Suzuki G-Strider

The Suzuki G Strider concept may look radical comapred to the traditional bike concepts, but is based on the designd of Burgman 650cc. The designer has taken features of a scooter and a motorcycle and put them together to conceptualise the G Strider. The super cool and super stylish bike provides comfort and power, what else could you wish for in a super bike. The bike’s features include feet forward riding position, a lower seat which gives the comfort of riding a scooter, handle bars, footrest, backrests all electrically adjustable when the bike is in motion, a 916 cc engine . It’s an out an out hero of concept bikes.

9 concept bikes-g strider

 10) Suzuki Biplanes

The phrase “speed thrills but kills” is quite apt for this badass beast. This concept bike was revealed at 2007 Tokyo Motor Show and just as it is named, the concept is inspired by Biplanes. The Suzuki Biplane concept uses a semi-exposed V4 engine for power, and a girder-type front end which is common in many concept bikes. The cylinder heads and exhaust headers are on the rear sides which are inspired by the biplanes.



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