Top 10 Concept Cars

If you've ever wondered what cars might look like in the future, this might just be it! We all love a good-looking, mean machine allowing us that sheer thrill of speed! Concept cars are a mélange of everything you've hoped to see in a car, and much, much more! Defying convention, defying imagination and even defying gravity, we bring you the top 10 concept cars for you to gaze at, dream about and drool over!



1. Audi Calamaro

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's a super car!

Somewhat of a cross between a car and a plane, designer Tibor developed the Audi Calamaro Concept Car for a design competition organized by Porsche Hungary. The bone of a cuttlefish inspired this interesting shape, he says. Of course, we eagerly wait to see what could possibly power this machine, seeing it does lack tires, or propellers or thrusters of any sort.

1a concept-cars-audi calamaro

2. BMW ZX-6

'Unbelievable' is the word that comes to mind, but we'll just have to wait and watch!

Designed by the 3rd year students of Transportation Design School at Turin Based Istituto Europeo di Design for their final project on Transportation Design in partnership with BMW, this concept focuses on individualistic tastes and modern requirements.


 2b concept cars-bmw-z6


BMW GINA could be the next rebel in automobile history. It challenges existing principles and conventional processes and looks wildly awesome, all at the same time!
A team led by Chris Bangle, BMW's head of design, designed this fabric-skinned shape-shifting sports car, which inspires nothing short of awe. GINA is an acronym for ' Geometry and functions In 'N' Adaptations'.

3a concpet cars-bmw-gina

 3b concept cars-bmw-gina

4. Cadillac World Thorium Fuel Concept

This concept has been nicknamed the WTF, and quite rightly so, since it literally takes your breath away! Designed by Lorus Kulesus for the 100th anniversary of Cadillac, the car uses extremely high quality materials that will resist even 100 years of usage without maintenance. It has 24 wheels placed in groups of 6, which however, need adjusting every 5 years.

 4a conceptcars-cadillac world thorium

 4b concept cars-cadillac world thorium

 5. Bertone Mantide Concept Car

Combine dizzying speeds, sheer beauty and stunning sensuality, and what you get is the Bertone Mantide Concept. Its designdraws inspiration from both, the world of Formula One and from modern aerospace. The machine boasts cutting edge aerodynamic performance, greater efficiency and lower fuel consumption, the ultimate icing on the cake!

6a concept cars-bertone mantide6b concept cars-bertone mantide

 6.Chanel Fiole Concept Car

The Chanel Fiole presents the best of black and white, and in keeping with classis Coco Chanel offerings, fit for the runway. A car designer at the Hong-jk University, Jinyoung Jo, designed this simple, yet fabulous creation.

7a concept cars-chanel fiole 7b concept cars-chanel fiole

7. Citroen Survolt Concept

What began as an exploration of extraordinary electric vehicles with the Revolte Concept Car now continues through the Citroen Survolt Concept. The perfect mélange of glamour, extravagance and motor-racing spice, it transcends norms and protocol to deliver passion in an all-new revolutionary way.

 8a concpet cars-citroensurvolt

8b concpet cars-citroensurvolt

8c concpet cars-citroensurvolt

8. Pininfarina Sintesi

The Pininfarina Sintesi was designed by Pininfarina and developed using an interesting and innovative approach. It introduces the novel concepts of 'Liquid Packaging' and 'Transparent Mobility'. Liquid packaging is the concept of adding the fuel cells and motors in each wheel, while Transparent Mobility refers to futuristic communication systems where such a car may exchange information with other vehicles on the road through wireless technology. Indeed, a car with progressive thought behind a mean looking exterior!

9a concpet cars-pininfarina sintesi

9b concpet cars-pininfarina sintesi

9.Bugatti Aerolithe

The Bugatti Aerolithe Concept reeks of exclusivity. Intended to be a design study of a futuristic 2025 sports model, this concept has been inspired by the legendary1935 Bugatti Electron Aerolithe prototype, and designed by Douglas Hogg.

11a concpet cars-bugatti aerolithe

11b concpet cars-bugatti aerolithe

11c concpet cars-bugatti aerolithe

11d concpet cars-bugatti aerolithe

 10. Cadillac Sixteen Concept Car

TheCadillac Sixteen Concept car is all about power, and a surprising gentle grace. In fact, the name derives from its 16-cylinder and 1000-horsepower engine. This concept makes its presence felt in a literally huge, bold and unparalleled way, and boasting equally meticulous interiors. The design exudes drama and its aura is breathtakingly striking.

12a concpet cars-cadillac12b concept cars-cadillac 


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