Going to the Bathroom wont be the same again with these creative gadgets which can be installed in your bathroom to make your life more interesting! Many people have had their greatest ideas while they were in the bathroom, so make the best of your time in there! From Waterproof notes to a musical shower curtain, check them out below.


Waterproof Notes! This will actually help! Seriously, no more great ideas down the drain! This thing will help you jot down any thing that pops up in your mind during the soothing shower. You never know when it might come useful! A must have thing I say!



Admit it! We all are bathroom singers! Proud ones! This thing is not only a useful washing sponge but also a shaped liked a mic to unleash the hidden rockstar inside you!



In the same category of fun bathroom accessories we also have this drain stopper. Called Help!, it’s basically just a classic drain plug with a fun modern twist.



Wouldn’t you like it if you had speakers in your bathroom and you could listen to your favorite tunes while you’re taking a shower? This is not a problem if you decide to get this musical shower curtain. It has a set of built-in speakers and a waterproof pocket where you can put your iPod/iPad, etc.


It's really anoying when the mirror is all fogged up after you take a bath or shower. You can clean it with your hand or towel but it will never look clean as it did before. Well, that can change because now you have this useful mirror cleaner. Attach it to your mirror with the suction cup and simply use it as a windshield wiper. Cool isn't it?



What babies hate most about bath time is the shampoo and water that gets into their eyes. So why not make this activity more fun for them by protecting their faces with this lovely hat. It’s adjustable and it’s made of soft material. No more tears!



This is a nose-shaped shower gel dispenser, very clever and playful. Put it on the wall and simply push whenever you need soap or shower gel. You can also gift it to your friends and family! An innovative gift!



I’m sure that everyone can relate to this: the moment when you’re brushing your teeth and you have to get water into your hand to rinse.Not so pleasant experiance. So how about a toothbrush with a design that allows you to turn it into a drinking fountain? Creative isn't it?



One of my personal favorites after Notes! It’s a toothpaste squeezer that fits on the end of any toothpaste tube and then easily winds to dispense it. This way you no longer have to squeeze the tube and waste your morning energy.



Personalize shower time with this tablet-like, full-color digital touch screen. You can program up to nine separate "scenarios". If you tend to linger in the shower, pre-set it for a certain length of time — and use the system to track your water consumption.



A magnetic holder! How cool is that! With this thing installed, never fear again of draining out your soap. And moreover it also looks awesome!



Hidden inside the cabinet, these small but powerful wireless speakers are water-resistant and calibrated to offset bath-friendly but sound-reflective materials such as tile, glass, and metal.


sticker shower

Keep the shower head at the desired height with this cute and useful sticker. It’s made from a rubbery material and it sticks to any surface. Simply slip your in shower house and place it wherever you want on the wall but not necessarily.



Designed to make toilet paper look more interesting, this item will definitely add a fun touch to your bathroom. It’s a playful toilet tissue paper holder in the shape of a canine’s backside. Buy it as a gift or for your own use.



Kids are not very enthusiastic about having to brush their teeth so it really helps to make this habit more fun for them with cute-looking toothbrushes and all sorts of other things. For example, you could use this cute-looking thing. It’s a toothpaste tube attachment especially for dog lovers.


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