If you’re looking for chocolate or vanilla, you’re going to have to keep looking. From alcoholic ones, to things that shouldn’t leave the bedroom, people have invented flavours that are just totally crazy. Here’s a list of the few examples that most definitely caught our attention. Brace youselves!


1. Bacon Ice Cream


Whoever thought this little mastermind up was probably thinking, ‘bacon=good. Ice cream=good.’ It might have not been received well by the people for obvious reasons, but for those who have tried chocolate covered Pretzels or chocolate chip cookies covered with sea salt, will know that the sweet/salty combination has its moments. Plus, Burger King thought this was a good idea so lets just keep an open mind and enjoy the eccentricity of it.

2. Beer Ice Cream


These guys just took the term ‘chilled beer’ to a whole new level. A place known by the name Frozen Pints decided that you should be able to have your beer and eat it too! I’ll admit, I would definitely want to try this. Who wouldn’t?

3. Margarita Ice cream


Still on the topic of drinks, this magarita ice cream is perfect for Valentine’s Day. The salt around the glass is substituted with powdered sugar and the ice cream goes right in it. Even those who aren’t commited ice cream eaters or particularly regular drinkers may find themselves spooning some of this into their mouths.

4. The ‘Mash Cone’


This isn’t essentially an ice cream, but it had to be on the list. It’s a meal in an ice cream cone! Consisting of a sausage, mashed potatoes, peas and gravy this…thing has been dissed without being tried. Receiving some mixed publicity, it was once crowned ‘the opposite of drooling.’

5. Doughnut Ice Cream


How do you make doughnuts better? Add ice cream to the party. And party indeed, because these look absolutely scrumptious. They look like Dunkin Doughtnuts and Baskin Robbins just had a baby and I doubt anyone minds.

6. Spaghetti and Cheese


There are times in our lives where we find ourselves asking the question, ‘why?’. This is one of those times. Why anyone thought mixing pasta and cheese with ice cream was a good idea will most probably always remain a mystery for one to fathom. Neither does it look appetising, nor I assume will it taste good..but hey! Each one to his own.

7. French Toast Ice Cream


This yummy little thing consists of french toast, maple and yes, ice cream. (who would’ve thought.) It looks like christmas in a cup. A variation to this dish is making actual french toast dipped in ice cream but this seems like the more preferable option.

8. Viagra Ice Cream


Viagra. Yes Viagra. The little blue pill now comes chilled and served on a plate.

9. Kitty Kitty Bang Bang


‘Irresistibly smooth cheesecake ice cream crafted with a sweet raspberry ripple, tons of Oreos and boat-loads of soft chocolate chunks.’ Did you just read this description, die and go to heaven? Yeah, so did I. Does it need any more justification? It sounds like the perfect balance of texture and taste and I want it.

10. Smurf gelato

 crystal springs smurf cup gelato

This powder blue ice cream topped with marshmellows and chocolate chips was originally made for kids but became popular among adults as well. Probably being the best comfort food ever, I bet this ice cream tastes smurfing brilliant. Kid or no kid!


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