Nothing wakes me up better than a good cuppa in the morning. To some of us, cups, mugs, glasses; they are just something to hold our beverages; what matters is what we pour into them. To others, it wouldn’t hurt to have an unusual mug or two that screams "this mug is unique, and it’s also mine".

One of the best things to do in the morning is to sip on a hot cuppa joe while read the newspaper or watching the morning news on the telly. To most of us cups are just a carrier for your beverages, but there are some that have their favorite mugs that they can only drink out of. Here are some unique designs and ideas of personalized mugs.

Coffee Bean Mug
With the exterior covered with coffee beans that fall together in intricate beauty, perfect for a hot mug of coffee!

Coffe Bean Mug


Camera Lens Mug
This is an insane idea that would freak some of our Camera junky friends out when they see it. It resembles an extendable camera lens but is actually a mug that you could use for a hot cup of coffee or tea!

Lens Mug

Camera Lens Mug

Knuckle Buster Mug
The perfect sidekick for when you want to ward of poachers from your hot beverages. These mean coffee holding machines look majestic with their silver exterior and the knuckle buster for a handle.

Knuckle Duster Mug

Multi purpose mugs have become a thing of the future, and here is one where you can drink coffee as well as iron your clothes at the same time!

Iron Mug

Iron Mug - 1

Face Mug
There is nothing like a couple of cookies while drink that hot cup of coffee, tea or Chocolate. And when you have a cup that can hold those cookies for you while you sip your beverage, it just brilliantly convenient!

Face Mug - 1

Face Mug - 2

Face Mug - 3

Snout Mug
These are plain fun for anyone drinking out of them and sitting across unsuspecting on-lookers. As you sip on your cup, the bottom resembles a pig snout or the snout of another animal and looks like the snout is yours!

Snout Cups

Finger Cup
These are oddly eerie cups with fingers protruding out of the cups that, when held, looks like its holding on to your hands with interlocked fingers.

Finger Cups

Moustache Mug
Drink like a sir with these funky mugs that have various types of mustaches on them to make you look like a gentleman that loves his coffee.

Moustache Mug

Denture Mug
These resemble old people dentures. You would probably have to be careful while drinking out of them cause of the way the teeth are lined along the rim of the cup.

Teeth Cup

Slim Cup
These funky cups were designed for a project inculcating tradition and technology together. The Designer said his interpretation for this title was the way things get slimmer as technology moves forward.

Slim Cups

Slim Mug

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