Crazy Wedding Invitations

Lots been said and talk about bizarre and crazy wedding ceremonies, bride and groom jumping off a cliff, swimming underwater while saying “I do”, but there are some madcap couples who design these weird and crazy wedding invitation that make you laugh your ass off!!! You may not remember who the bride was or what she wore and what food was served but you will surely remember these funny and whacky “Save the Date” cards.


1) ‘The Love Chronicle’ Invitation

This unusual invitation card tells you everything that you wanted to know about the couple’s love story. How they met, who asked out who, their first date and then a few more, their sad separation and then magical reunion and so on and so forth. Sit down, grab a mug of coffee and read on!!!! It may take a while to read the entire story. Or just skip to the end to get the date and venue.

1 love chronicle wedding invitation

2) ‘The Comical’ Invitation

 No it’s not child marriage but a certified adult and sane couple’s wedding invitation who just happened to be mentally childlike and greatly inspired by the world of comics. Their proclamation as they ‘plunge into the unknown’.

2 comical wedding invitation

3) ‘The Gamer’s ‘ Invitation

I guess this gamer couple are so enthused by gaming that they decided to turn their wedding invitation into a virtual playground! Be a part of their wedding and collect as many points as you can, and of course the winner gets a prize. Hurry before others get ahead of you.

3a gamers wedding invitation 

4) ‘FBI’s Wanted List’

Probably the most bizarre and whacked out idea for wedding invitation but What the hell!! it worked out in the end, as it features in the “Crazy Wedding Invitation” list. Mission accomplished. And guests need not worry the venue isn’t any prison.

4 fbi wedding ivitation

5) ‘Everything you need to know’ Wedding Invitation

Probably every guy’s love-hate part of fascinating love stories is what this invitation tells you, doing anything and everything for his girl just to make her happy. And this groom has printed it all on the invitation and signed, sealed and delivered to all the guests.

5everything wedding invitation

6) ‘B&W’ Invitation

This invitation is brought to you by the 1930’s era perhaps. Just hope the ceremony as resplendent as the couple is broadcasting it to be.

6 bw wedding invitation

 7) The Nerd Couple’s Invitation

 The Scientist duo has taken up their vocation a notch higher with this wedding invitation. What else do you expect when it all begins in some high tech Chemistry Lab.? The couple has also cautioned their guests that if they are not a part of their solution then they are going to be part of precipitate. So beware!

7 nerds wedding-invitation

8) The Outlaws wedding Invitation

Dress Code: Armours (compulsory)
Warning: Do Not object their union.

8 outlaws wedding-invitation

9) ‘The Booklover’s Club’

Awww!! The librarians haven fallen in love and are beginning a new chapter, get your names inked in their Love book. Spread the knowledge of their holy union to the world.

9 booklovers wedding-invitation

10) ‘The Ticket’ Wedding Invitation

The proud parents of the Bride are sending their guests Wedding Tickets. Please be seated by 1230 hrs. The show will start on time. Late comers will be disappointed. Popcorn and Drinks on the House!!

11 ticket wedding invitation

11) ‘Wedding cum Camping Trip’ Invitations

Bored of the long wedding ceremonies at holy places, gardens, beaches then go take a camping trip with this bride and groom as they pack their campers and head to the jungles to camp and marry whilst adventuring. For more details about the trip read the invitation it’s quite user-friendly.

12 camping wedding invitation

12) ‘Wedding Invitation???’

Maybe it’s not an invitation but just an “am doing you all a favour” announcement. This bridezilla surely knows how to throw tantrums.

14 wedding invitation

13) ‘The Ageing’ Wedding Invitation

Unusual but sweet, this couple made apt use of graphic designing. The phrase ‘Growing old together’ couldn’t be portrayed in a better way.

15a wedding invitation

TODAY….15b wedding invitation

10 Years Later……15c wedding invitation

20 years after that…….

15e wedding invitation

And finally……15f wedding invitation


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