No birthday party is complete without a delicious cake to share with your guests, but sometimes, a cake that tastes good just isn’t enough. A big mouthwatering cake with cool design on it, certainly keeps you at the centre of attraction. Especially, kids love it when their birthday is made grand by Thomas the Tank Engine or Batman and Spiderman etc. There is hardly anyone among us who doesn't love a delicious cake.

On that note we have collected some super cool cakes for you. Try any of these for the upcoming birthday and have a blast!


Who says that amazing birthday cakes have to take lots of effort? Frost a chocolate cake with chocolate icing, add colourful candy beans and chocolate fingers and tie it all up with a big bow, and you have a wow-factor birthday cake – with minimal artistic skills!



Delicious Dr. Seuss Cake!



Love burger and cake? Then have them both at one go! Super cool burger cake!



That's a huge rainbow cake! WOW! 





This pretty daisy cake is just perfect for a ladies’ summer birthday party – even if the sunshine is a no-show!



The classic butterscotch cake! Delicious as ever!



Cool cupcakes with designs of super-man, spidey, hulk, batman etc! Hard to pick one out!



Another superhero cake but this time its a complete one rather than a cup-cake!



PS3 addict? What better cake than this one can you ask for?



Your very own Cars2 cake! 



Captain Jack Sparrow along with his Black(here chocolate) Pearl are ready for your birthday blast!!



Social media fan? Happy Birthday!



Rapunzel Cake! 



Don't start playing folks. Its Angry Birds, but as a cake design! Stunning, isn't it?



Thomas- The Tank Engine is at your birthday party!



There’s never a reason to be blue on your birthday, even if your favorite cartoon is! This baker rounded up the entire Smurf Village for Alex’s birthday party. We love how the cake looks alive with Smurfs running in and out (and about!), and even down to the expressions that let us know who is who! Brainy Smurf, Sleepy Smurf, Handy Smurf



The cutest sidekicks to ever grace the big screen will now take over your birthday party! This bakery knew that one wouldn’t be enough to share and made two minions for this lucky kiddo’s birthday. Look at those smiles that made us fall in love with the minions in the first place!



A camera cake! Sensational design and amazing carving! Simply wow!

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