Dogs have always been man's best friend, ever loyal and faithful. Ever wondered why they became so, aside from the loyalty of course. It maybe because they are just about the most adorable looking things on the planet and here's a list of the cutest breeds of them all!


The Corgi is considered to be one of the most intelligent and amicable breeds on the planet, it is also one of the cutest - with its stunted appearance, tufts of hair, and what seems like a permanent curious smile on their face - a corgi owner is almost always extremely close to their dog.





Labrador Retreiver

The universally popular Labrador is a communicative, playful and sociable breed. With their devious mix of song-like howls, longing stares, strategically timed head resting on your leg, and a face that warms your heart like only a newborn baby can - the labrador owner usually has no cause to feel the trials and tribulations of everyday life.




Basset Hound

With their irresistably heart melting stare, drooping ears, and casual loving demeanour, Basset hounds are one of the cutest breeds in the world. It is almost impossible to not capitulate to a Basset that puts up its famous "please, i beg you" face on display.

Basset Hound1

Basset Hound2

Basset Hound3


The perfect mix of masculine looks and feminine charm, the boxer is an irresistable breed of dog, and a big favourite among pet owners who prefer big dogs, but in a family atmosphere. Boxers tend to be very compassionate. There are very few things cuter than a boxer puppy cocking its head at you.





Made famous by the movie '101 Dalmations', Dalmations were bred as coach dogs, and are still very friendly with humans, and other animals, and most at peace on long walks. These universally admired dogs, are unique in appearance, and unpretentiously seduce you with their lost, puppy dog stares, and entertaining howls and barks.




Another breed made famous by a movie, 'Hachiko'. The Akita, native to hilly Japan, is one of the most social and expressive dogs in the world. The Akita owner will always point out that their dog feels almost human. It is impossible to be in the presence of an akita, and not be completely floored by their simple fluffy looks, and positive nature.





A breed that enjoys an almost cult like appreciation from its owners, the quintessential "Sausage Dog" while being the butt of many jokes, is one of the most adorable to see in action. A Daschund running, far from being comic, is one of the most adorable things in the canine world.




A breed that was made famous by a comic this time, 'Snoopy', the beagle is a long eared short statured and active dog, that has the magical power of bringing a smile to your face almost on sight.



Siberian Husky

The majestic Siberian Husky maintains a wolf like build with a cat like playfulness. This effervescent and adorable breed is will refuse to be left out of the action, and insist on making the situation more jovial, whether you asked for it or not.





Cocker Spaniel

These adventurous and free spirited dogs, with adorable long ears, boundless energy, and the inability to show any negative emotion on their face - are one of the most rewarding breeds to own and care for. Their classic fluffy farm dog look, and attachment to their owners will melt even the hardest of hearts.



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