The selfie movement is exploding the internet with pictures surfacing everywhere of duck faces and stare downs with the camera. It's the social media phenomenon that has taken over the world with everyone gunning for the award for 'Best Selfie'. There are, however, a new breed of competitors each vying for the title of 'Most Extreme Selfie'. These people live by the motto - If you find yourself in an intense situation make the best out of it by taking a selfie for the whole world to applaud on the internet. These days, that's the shortest route to fame!

After scouring the internet, here's a list of the most Extreme Selfies we could find.

1. This photo of Christian taking a selfie as he runs for his life at a bull run
at Baytown, Texas.

Bull Run

The Oxford Dictionary defines a selfie as, 'A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website'. 

2. Kiril Oreshkin, an original daredevil photographer, who likes taking selfies when he has the disadvantage of falling to his death from tall skyscrapers.


Skyscraper2 copy

Skyscraper3 copy


Skyscraper5 copy

3. People at amusement parks on fear-inducing rides, especially, the roller coasters.

Amusement Park



4. Dirt Bikers practicing their biking and photography skill at the same time.


5. When a camel bites you, you have to have some kind of record for when you tell the story.

Camel Bite

6. Another day at the job, working hard at the construction of a building and finding the time to take a selfie at those heights.

Construction Worker

7. Working hard at saving the world, these fighter pilots, and taking selfies to prove their heroism.

Fighter Pilot1

Fighter Pilot2

8. Hot Air Balloon selfies are the best kind of selfies.

Hot Air Balloon

9. Nothing, absolutely nothing, will ever top taking a selfie in out of space.

Out of Space1

Out of Space2

10. Daring to balance and take a selfie at the same time.

Over the rails

11. This guy had his plane crash and after he got out safely his first instinct was to record the moment in selfie history.

Plane Crash

12. A skydiving selfie is the kind that we'd all like to participate in if we have the courage to jump of a plane at that height.


Skydiving2 copy


13. These snowboarders are not only famous for achieving amazing feats on snow but also for taking great selfies whilst doing so.

Snow Boarding1

Snow Boarding2

14. Nothing like catching some waves and selfies of yourself catching the waves.




15. Let's hope that sleeping tiger didn't wake up to the sound of a click.


16. This kid successfully attempted to get a selfie while jumping on a trampoline. A laudable feat.


17. Selfies underwater with sharks and whales are another craze for adventure enthusiasts with a need to keep record of their crazy adventures.




18. Lastly, but not the least, these selfies while taking a dive.

Water Dive


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