10 Craziest Extreme Sports

  Cricket, soccer or Basketball. Dunks, hits and kicks. Yet, are they really the craziest, newest, funkiest? They may have tricks and moves, but they stand very gentle compared to some sports. www.funonthenet.in has explored the funkiest, craziest or whatever superlative described sport one would try and think of. The following article covers the worlds 10 newest unthinkable and craziest sports; taking you into a whole new dimension of vertical leaps, adrenaline rushes and a feeling of euphoria.


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1) Volcano Boarding
volcano boarding
  This sport was created in 2005 and takes place at the foothills of Nicaragua’s Cerro Negro mountain every year. The surfers are clad in protective jump suits, knee pads and helmets as they race down an active 2,380 feet volcano on their specially-constructed plywood boards. They can reach speeds of up to 80 km/hour. More than 10, 000 people have participated in volcano boarding since its creation.
2) Limbo Skating
limbo skating
Limbo skating, also known as roller limbo, is a sport in which a person skates underneath an obstacle like a horizontal pole without touching it. In order to achieve this when the objects are at a very low height, one must spread their legs apart, if possible into a full split and lean their upper body forward with the face almost touching the ground. Roller skating under cars has taken India by storm. Aniket Chindak holds the unofficial record for ‘limbo-skating’ beneath 57 cars in 45 seconds.
3) Train Surfing
train surfing
This is an extremely dangerous sport which involves the riders climbing or ‘surfing’ on the outside of a moving train.  It was common way to ride trains in Indonesia and South Africa. People may also surf to avoid the cost of a ticket, not just a recreational activity. However, due to the death of many young people the sport was forgotten until 2005. It was rediscovered by a gang from Frankfurt, Germany.
4) Crocodile Bungee
crocodile bungee
The usual way of bungee jumping is not enough of an adrenaline rush for some people. Hence, Australians have invented a new way of bungee jumping. They bungee jump into a body of water containing live crocodiles.
5) Cliff Diving 
cliff diving
  A new aspect has been added to the sport of diving known as cliff diving. Here, a diver dives into the water from a high cliff. It is one of the riskier kinds of diving as here the diver needs to pass in between the rough rocks and take the plunge of a lifetime. It all began from the Hawaiian Island on Lanai in 1770. For the benefit of the divers, certain standards have been set to make it safer. Some of these include determining the height of the jump (23-28 meters for men, 18-23 meters for women) an ideal entering speed of 75-100 km/hr and a free fall time of 3 seconds.
6) Freestyle Poweriser Stilts
freestyle powerisers stilts
  This is a wacky sport where one is required to wear strange things on your feet that are sort of a cross between low stilts and pogo sticks. The idea is to perform stunts with them.  It sounds a little dull until you either see or experience it.
7) Underwater Hockey


This sport was first invented in Great Britain during the 1950’s when some British divers were looking for ways to stay fit during the winter. Underwater hockey is a sport that some divers undertake during the winter months when the outside temperatures are too cold for diving. This game is played with nothing more than the stick, protective gear and gloves and snorkeling equipment. Hence, it also tests how long players are capable of holding their breath underwater. It is played at the bottom of the pool using a puck which weighs over one kilogram. This sport is fast gaining popularity with some countries forming national teams which take part in world championships.

8) Airkicking
In this sport, a human catapult is used to launch individuals over 26 feet into a swimming pool or foam pit. It uses a special combination of air pressure and water recoil technology. The participant sits in a specially constructed seat at the rear end of the catapult arm and then sets the device in motion himself by pushing a button.
9) Slacklining
  Slacklining is a sport which requires perfect balance. It consists of two fixed points with nylon webbing stretched tight between them. The tension in the line can be adjusted to suit the needs of the performer. In this way it is different from a tightrope as it is flat in nature. The prevents the slacker’s footing from rolling. Christian Schou holds the Guinness World title for the highest slackline after crossing Norwegian fjord in Kjerag, Norway at 3, 280 feet (1000 meters) which is the equivalent of 3 Eiffel towers in height.
10) Zorbing Ball
Zorbing is one sport which has become a rage during the past few years. It originated in New Zealand. It involves throwing yourself down a slope in a giant ball and was invented in 2000. The zorbing ball is a gaint plastic ball which has two skins, one inside the other. The person performing this crazy activity is in the area between the skins which is pumped with air. The performer is then suspended on a cushion of air 700mm off the ground by the middle ball. The ball is then rolled down a hill. There are two different wars to zorb-either harnessed inside the ball, or ‘hydrozorbing’, which involves putting water in the ball, which zrbers can slide around on as it revolves.


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