::! A Salute to Daddy ... hAppY fATHERS dAY !::: 

(Created by Sharon)


Who is such a powerful influence in our life. Who has always encouraged us,  to appreciate the little things that make life special. Who points out a mountain sunset, exclaims with delight at a green field, and enjoys the beauty of flowers growing wild. HE has a special way with people which makes them confide in HIM their deepest worries and fears. HIS positive attitude and faith in God makes him a powerful shoulder to lean on. He's our dad. HE's someone special.

For Dad on father's Day because...

Because you make little things mean such a lot
Because you think of what you've got, not what you've not
Because wealth and fortune matter not a jot,
You're someone special.

Because you bring hope when things look bad
Because you turn sad into glad
Because you don't let folks go away mad
You're someone special.

Because you bring a smile to OUR face
Because no-one else can take your place
Because you give us all our space,
You're someone special.


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