Floods vs. Traffic

Traffic frustrates. SUNKEN traffic frustrates absolutely.

These recent events show a few stubborn drivers going against the flow... and even making it to the other side sometimes (to the amazement of those who thought that their cars were only good as anchors)

Most photos were taken during flooding in Sofia, Bulgaria, in Minsk, Belorus, and in Moscow and Kazan, Russia.

Floods vs. Traffic  

(flooding in Great Britain, 2007)

The water is rising in Kazan... streets are turning into rivers -

(image credit: Shunk)

Some roads and bridges just get swept away - like this route in Stavropol:

But if the road is still there and simply flooded, then -

Public Transportation Must Go On!

(images credit: autotat.ru)

This bus does not want to play nice -

It seems "Impossible is Nothing" for these car drivers; and I have lots of respect for their efforts -

Trucks are invincible, or so it seems:

These ladies have better chance to get help than others:

Indomitable! Maybe I can fix this.... -

Nope, he is not going anywhere:

Well then, If I just push it...

This guy is still trying to steer:

(image credit: Boris Krivoshein)

A bunch of optimistic drivers:
(flood in Novorossiysk, Siberia)

I did not know Russian vans can take such punishment:

(images credit: Marina Novo)

Nearby, the tornado (waterspout) threatens the oil refinery:

(image credit: Marina Novo)

Heavy trucks (even of a military kind) might get in trouble too... although this particular image has a better ending: the truck made it to the other side; it's a test track for the army vehicles, which includes deep water crossings:

(image credit: Kostya Koshelev)

Some cars don't need a wide-spread flood to get in trouble. It just happens to them -

Kids make the most out of flooded roads (picture taken during recent flooding in Jakarta) -

(image credit: mikejkt)

Need an idea what to do while stuck in flooded traffic? Take a hint from these statues:

(image credit: acropolisx)

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