We all love cool and funky dresses, especially girls. We follow latest fashions and trends and flaunt our newest collections. Well, there are some unique dresses in the world which can even give Lady Gaga run for her money. These are some amazingly funky dresses, from a dress made of chocolate to one made of balloons! Never mind the cost, but a little window shopping is always healthy!

Chocolate dress! This dress is edible and designed by German bakery group called Lambertz. 




A dress made up of balloons only. Don't worry you won't fly off with it. Just make sure you do no sit on anything pointy!



We use clothespin to hang our clothes, now with this one  you can hang in it!



Prototype of the world’s first air purifying dress created from pollution absorbing flexible concrete that was sprayed on the fabric.



Lizzy Gardiner won the 1995 Academy Award for Best Costume Design for her work on The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. But she’s better known for the garish gown she wore to collect her trophy: a cocktail dress made entirely of American Express gold cards.



Leaf dresses are for tribal and ancient people. Not any more! A steaming design with blend of creativity and uniquness.



Skin dress concept from Philips uses sensors to determine your feelings and then shows them with LED lights. With this you can show your 'different' colours.



A dress made up of matchsticks. The only thing to care is stay away from fire.



Newspaper crumbled into a trendy looking dress.



Paper cuttings woven together to create this unique paper dress.



Dress made of pop-tab wrappers.



Bright and colourfull rubber bands are integrated into this facny looking dress!



A sprinkler dress made of small pots and net.



A cooldress design made of tent material!



Favorite chocolate? Well, don't be shy and let the world know by donning this wrapper dress.

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