The second most important device in everyday life after our cell-phones is our headphones/earphones. Be it for music or talking privately, headphones are quite precious to us. Some go out of the way to get a custom made headphone for better sound quality and fashion. So on that note we bring you some of the most interesting and creative headphone designs till date!

Ripple Headphone:

This cool design acts as a nice earing along with its default duty. It hangs around your earlobe rather than being suspended. This also avoids tangling of the wires and this minimal style can help you be the centre of attraction!

Chocolate Headphone: 


The idea of behind this design is to give you a chocolate like sweet sound. The colour and images on the headphone is a real treat for the owner.


Porsche Headphone:

This design is a custom made and launched by the Porsche. This concept has been designed to provide a true high-end experience to the user. In addition with crystal-clear sound quality, the headphones offers a great user interaction with noble materials.


Apple Headphones:


Pathbreaking design by Apple rather than the iconic pearl white earbuds. This headphone boasts of the best sound quality and nosie reduction till date.


Daft-Punk Tron Headphones:


These Daft-Punk headphones are brought to you by Monster Inc. Monster has named this headphones series after the famous Grammy winning electronic music duo Daft Punk. The company has entered a partnership with Daft Punk to create a headphones series inspired by their music.


I'm Flying Headphone:


This design was one of the standout designs in the Nokia Music Almighty Headset Competition. A classic design with angel wings on both the ear-pieces gives it a refreshing look.



Another cool design from the competition. This time it's Michael Jackson's Thriller!


Transformer Headphones:


The design is inspired by the Transformer series. These awesome headphones produces great sound for listening to your favorite music.


Guitar Headphones:


 A stunning acoustic guitar design for the music lovers!


Halo Headphones:


A great headphone design with touchpad and motion control sensor. What else can you ask for?


I-Mego Headphones:


 A sensational design with a perfect blend of modern and vintage music equipments.


Jewellery Headphones:


Designed as the ear jwellaery, this headphone does not compromise on any of the expected qualities.


Solar-Power Headphones:


A cool futuristic design, which charges on the go with the help of solar power.


Semi-Circle Headphones:




Wooden Headphones:


A classice desgin with wooden finish, gives a stunning sound quality.

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