Leaf Art 

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Art can be expressed through many forms from paintings and sculptures to chalk art and liquid photography.  Artists are not satisfied just conveying their emotions through their mediums anymore either. They wish to make use of everything in the world around them. They see potential in everything.  Due to this growing passion, Leaf Art was introduced.


leaf art collage


This type of art is fairly recent and draws its inspiration from nature. It is mostly done on dry leaves such as such as Peepal and Banayan tree leaves, although other leaves can also be used.

There are many different forms of leaf art. All of them can be categorized into 3 main categories: painted directly on the leaves, sticking some extra decoration on the leaves and carving part of the surface of the leaf and making use of its natural vein and left surface to create scenes.

The following pictures are created by adding some extra decoration on the leaves.

leaf art-5

leaf art-6

leaf art-7

leaf art-8


These works of art are created by delicately painting the surface of the leaf.

leaf art-2

leaf art-3

leaf art-4

leaf art-12

Leaf carving is the most beautiful and the most difficult of them all.  Leaves are usually chosen from the Chinar Tree and then go through a 60 step process such as shaving, pressing, curing, and dying and so on.  In some instances, the outer surface of the leaf is carefully removed making sure it doesn’t cut or damage the leaf’s veins which add detail to the carving. 

leaf art-9

leaf art-10

leaf art-11


Spanish artist Lorenzo Duran has created the following masterpieces.  It was done for an international advertising campaign that encourages people to plant trees.





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