Liquid Photography #2 

Water is so essential for human beings that it is metaphorically said that water is life itself.  It is also true that in nature, the background of water always ends to the beauty of the scenery. Hence, water, whether it is stationary or flowing has always captured the imagination of artists. It is this property of water, its fluid mechanics and the ability to reflect light and create a different panorama which has inspired photographers worldwide to blend properties of water with modern technology. Recent advancements in the field of photography like still photography, photography in slow motion have provided an entirely new dimension for the new age photographers. Here are a few examples of how flowing water and impressive high-speed photography come together to create stunning pieces of artwork. 


water collage



image 1


image 2

image 3

image 4

Ink Spots in Water: Given below is a taste of the artwork by Alberto Sevesto. His liquid photography series is known as “Disastro Ecologico”.

iink 1


ink 2

ink 3


Can you believe that this image is created without the help of photoshop?

ink horse


High-speed photography allows us to view things that ordinarily move too quickly for us to be able to register them as a single image. Now, every day events such as an apple falling into a bowl of water are suddenly transformed into liquid sculpture. 



Photographer Pery Burge produces images featuring light, liquid and time. These never seen before photographs are a result of light refracting through ink, glass and natural objects with a macro lens. Through her work, we get a chance to witness how ink behaves when it is pulled apart by the increasing spread of a fast outward flow.

pery 1pery 2

pery 3


Corrie White produces photographs called Liquid Drop Art. She manages to capture water droplets as they collide with one another and form umbrella or mushroom shapes. 

corrie 1

corrie 2

 corrie 3

 corrie 4

 A play of reflections generates these great shots

reflectionsreflection 2

Finally, nature shows us that nothing can surpass the beauty it has to offer.

nature 4 nature 3

 nature 1


nature 2





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