Never Give Up! (Inspirational Pics)

Some people need a boost to get creative, others have to to come up with darnedest ideas - just to meet the challenges of everyday life. When faced with shortage of tools and tight circumstances, these people do not panic, but start inventing - sometimes using everyday object in extraordinary way:

Solve your exercise dilemma:

Short on chess figures? try this:

(image credit: Alexander Dzhantimirov)

 Using suitcases as a support structure is a bad idea (even if you fill it with bricks) -

(image credit: This Old House)

This airport has a different suitcase problem -

Weird car enhancements:

Very, very crude GPS device:

Maybe this is the cheapest way to travel:

This however, is not a way to travel, period:

Unique Vehicles

This seems to fulfill the role of a school bus:

Not much of a car, but a cool audio system:

I am not sure what this was before - a bomb, a missile? - but now, it's a motorcycle:

Use a piece of big pipe to hold the mini-car races:

Strapped for space?

Sometimes your personal space is reduced to almost nothing:

You can still catch some sleep:

No garage? No problem! -

Secure your car with an anchor - amazingly, this may even be effective:

Carrying things

Well, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do... Carrying a fridge in El Paso:

(image credit: Border Pundit)

Need to deliver BBQ? Put it on (and around) your head:
(more info)

(image credit: Herald Sun)

(sent by Ozzy in Cornwall, England)

Pigs are brought to the market by various means:

But don't get too carried away with pigs (what is going on here??):

Danger is my Middle Name

These guys obviously skipped the safety meetings:


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