Athletes are often an interesting and eccentric bunch. The winter olympics in particular allow them to express themselves creatively through the flashy and interesing colours and designs they incorporate on their gear. Most interesting, is their helmet design, often the main feature that TV viewers use to tell apart one athlete from another. Infact the less known luging event - the "Skeleton" is a head forward luge, that puts the helmet right in the spotlight. The sport has turned into a battle of the helmets, involving spectators and fans in a way that few other winter olympic events have managed to. Here's our list of the top 10 Helmet Designs at the Olympics.

1. Sarah Reid, Canada

This has got to be one of best and most intricate helmet designs of all time. The first canadian on our list has really gone all out with her spooky gothic helmet.



2. Katie Uhlaender, USA

This ultra partriotic design incorporates both the american flag and the the famous symbol of the rugged american spirit - the Bald Eagle.


3. Tomass Dukurs, Latvia

This simple, effective, and stunning reflective all black helmet puts Tomass Dukurs in the space age, and in a class of his own.


4. Eric Neilson, Canada

As a counter to Katie's American nationalism, is Canada's Eric Neilsons helmet bursting with canadian pride. The famous maple leaf embedded inside what looks like a dinosaur is completely at home at the winter olympics.


5. Marion Thees, Germany

Marion Thees presents the quintessential german take on nationalism - a stark, simple but very well executed german flag right down the center. The perfect symbol for speed and efficiency.


6. Sean Greenwood, Ireland

Sean Greenwood breaks the trend towards nationalism by incorporating a very stylistic deer done with fractal influence, and brings a touch of sophistication and flair to the gallery.


7. John Fairbarn, Canada

Canada seems to really have their helmet designs down! This captivating neon brain from John Fairbarn is absolutely breath taking.


8. Melissa Hollingsworth, Canada

An ominous and very intricately done horse skeleton adorns Melissa's helmet. This one is sure to send a shiver down her opponents spines.


9. Shelley Rudman, Great Britain

Shelley Rudman's toothy helmet design is amusing, and bold. At the very least, it should ensure she gets the last laugh.


10. Ander Mirambel, Spain

Mirambel bucks the trend towards nationalist, gothic and animal derived helmet designs with this eccentric design that reflects his own character with intense and colourful doodles.


11. Raphael Meier, Austria

Rapahel Meier sports the national austrian flag with retro-futuristic honeycomb pattern. A chic and simple take on a powerful theme.


12. Marina Gilardoni, Switzerland

Marina has a simple dual tone helmet design that reflects the wide open spaces of her home country, and a modernistic interpretation of the rooted sky and earth theme, while neatly incorporating her national flag and colours.


13. Noelle Pikus-Pace, USA

Noelle goes for glitz and glamour and yet manahes to incorporate the stars that symbolise the United States of America. An interesting way to show who the real star of the show is.


14. Armin Zoeggler, Italy

Not content with colours and lines, Armin Zoeggler turns the spotlight back on you with a shiny mirror painted onto his helmet. Very cool!


15. Ben Sanford, New Zealand

Ben Sanford matches two of the design patterns from the helmets above, using a stark reflective black helmet but with a space age, aerodynamic silver and white design in his countrys national colours. He wears matching gear too!


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