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She’s the new actress on the block. Even though she’s only a few films old, she’s managed to bag 8 awards already for her performance in her debut movie, Ladies vs Ricky Bahl. She’s talented, she’s stunning and she’s here to stay. She’s Parineeti Chopra. Check out her hot pics below!


parineeti collage

This bubbly actress impressed critics all over the country with her screen presence and acting in Ladies vs Ricky Bahl.


She was also applauded for her stunning performance in Hasee Toh Phasee.






Born on 12th May, 1988 she shares more than just genes with her cousin Priyanka Chopra. Parineeti is a trained singer who has been learning the art for the past 6 years.








She holds 3 degrees in finance and had always dreamt of being an investment banker. She attended Manchester Business School in the UK but returned to India due to recession. Parineeti was initially working as a marketing and PR consultant at Yash Raj films since 2009. She later began auditioning for roles and signed a three-film contract with Yash Raj films.




Her second film “Ishaqzaade” is set to hit threates on May 11th 2012. Starring opposite Arjun Kapoor, she plays a small-town Muslim girl in Uttar Pradesh. She says she’s ambitious but not competitive.
The on-screen chemistry between the two actors, along with the expert use of different arms by Parineeti make this film a must-watch.


With just one film, she’s managed to come out of her sister’s shadow and made audiences and critics sit up

and take notice.



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