Ever heard of a pencil/lead carvings? This art involves amazing precise sculpting on the thin lead inside the pencil. 

Here are some of the incredible pencil carvings, have to be seen to be believed!

pencil carving5

We always like 2 in 1! This is no different!


pencil carving2

 Fascinating detail carving. Simply overwhelming!

pencil carving3

pencil carving4

pencil carving1


pencil carving6

pencil carving7

pencil carving8

Try writing or drwaing with this nip!

pencil carving9

pencil carving10

pencil carving11

pencil carving12

Lost your closet keys?

pencil carving13pencil carving14

Pretty cool collection to have!

pencil carving15

Wanna have a drink?

pencil carving16

pencil carving17

Marvelous detailing!

pencil carving18

pencil carving19

pencil carving20


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