Nature has a way of creating beauty as well as mayhem, and it is extreme in both cases. It can leave a path of destruction behind and you would be lucky not to be caught in it's way. Some of these people happen to be a safe distance to click a picture. If you've had the good fortune to never be near one of these magestic occurences then you can consider yourself grateful and check out these amazing images of some of nature's finest destructive work captured on camera.

Eyjafjallajokull Volcano, 2010 (Iceland)

Eyjafjallajokull Volcano2


Eyjafjallajokull Volcano3

Landslide, 2011 (California, USA)

California Landslide1

California Landslide2

River of Lava Flowing into the Ocean (USA)

River of Lava Flowing into the Ocean1

River of Lava Flowing into the Ocean2

River of Lava Flowing into the Ocean3

Undersea Volcano, 2009 (Tonga, Polynesian)

Underwater Volcano

Volcano, 2008 (Chile)

Volcano Chile 2008-1

Volcano Chile 2008-2

Eruption of Mount St. Helena, 1980 (USA)

Mount Helena1

Mount Helena2

Alabama Tornado, 2011 (USA)


A House Drifting On The Ocean, 2011 (Japan)

Drifting House

Supercell Thunderstorm, 2010 (Montana, USA)


Crack in the Highway After Earthquake, 2012 (Philippines)

Philippines Earthquake1

Philippines Earthquake2

Lightning Storm, 2010 (Roswell, New Mexico, USA)


Hurricane Katrina, Mobilising by Boat, 2005 (USA)


Mayon Volcano, Ash Clouds, 1984 (Philippines)

Mayon Volcano

Collapsed Buildings After Earthquake, 2010 (Haiti)

Buildings Collapsed

Double Cyclone, 2006 (Iceland)

Double Cyclone

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