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Meet Shraddha Kapoor, the talented, cute, hot and bubbly daughter of actor Shakti Kapoor! She came in the limelight after receiving the nomination for the Filmfare Best Female Debut for appearing in Teen Patti.



She recently increased her fame and popularity by starring in Aashiqui 2 and Gori Tere Pyaar Mein. Aashiqui 2 went on to be a major box office success, collecting more than 100 crore in revenues.









Shraddha Kapoor got rave reviews from the likes of Anupama Chopra and Madhureeta Mukherjee. She has been complimented for her innocent beauty and playing emotional scenes with supreme confidence! A porcelain face which has a haunting vulnerability.









She is currently fimling for Ekta Kapoor's The Villain and is starring in an item number in the movie Ungli, both scheduled in 2014.
















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