Skywalking - Not for the Faint Hearted!

  Skywalking is the newest and extremely risky photography fad to take the internet by storm. It consists of a photographer (or photographers) making their way to the top of very tall structures and clicking pictures which would make a normal person’s stomach drop off. This trend is certainly not for the faint-hearted. As it began on the Russian web, it is sometimes referred to as “Russian Planking”. Russian teens pose or “skywalk” hundreds of feet in the air with no safety equipment. 


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It all began with Russian teenager Marat Dupri. The daredevil began scaling buildings and other high-rise structures in Moscow in 2011. By September of that year, several of his photographers were featured on new sites , including the Daily Meal and Metro UK.  Busk, a Portuguese news site  also showed several photos of Russian teenagers imitating Dupri.  

These pictures truly offer a glimpse of life on the edge.



Dupri began skywalking along with his fearless friends at the tender age of 19. As people aren’t normally allowed to go onto the roof of tall structures, he routinely has to sneak past security cameras and guards to capture breathtaking views of Moscow.



Many of us would get weak knees at the thought of climbing up to such heights and walking along such thin ledges, especially without any safety equipment. However, Dupri says that the experience offers him a sense of serenity.

"When I am on the roof I have a feeling that the whole world is by my feet," he said. "All my problems and trouble are left somewhere down. The height exhilarates me. I am enjoying with my hometown views. It gives me energy and fills me with enthusiasm to make new and great shots."




 Apart frm Dupri, the next person to watch for is the real-life Spiderman, “Mad” Max Polatov.  He enjoys nothing more than hanging from the outside of buildings by only his feet.  The new-age climber and photographer initially started climbing as just a hobby. However, it soon developed into a culture of its own with more and more Russian teenagers attaining death-defying heights every year.
These photos have been provided by the Caters News Agency.


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These skywalkers have clicked pictures from locations that seem almost impossible to get to. They have mounted statues, cranes, bridges and ladders across Russia in order to get that perfect shot.

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