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Meet Sonakshi Sinha, the beautiful & stunning actress who took the center stage with her highly successful debut in Dabangg, winning the Filmfare award for Best Female Debut. Since then she has starred in many top-grossing action-dramas, with great success.


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Salman Khan was impressed by her at an award function and offered her, her debut role - A very lucky girl indeed! Dabangg became one of the biggest chart-buster in 2010, and gained Sonakshi Sinha quite a few awards and a lot of recognition.

sonakshi sinha hot

sonakshi sinha hot

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Sonakshi Sinha Hot in Boss

Sonakshi Sinha in Boss







She lost an amazing 30 kgs over 2 years for the preparation of the film. Now that is some hard work and behind the scene dedication!



Originally a student of Fashion Designing from SNDT, Sonakshi started her career as a model in 2008. She has two brothers Luv and Kussh.




Her most recent movies like Holiday: A Soldier is never Off Duty received mixed to positive reviews. She also appeared in a music video with Yo Yo Honey Singh titled Superstar. Her upcoming movies are Akira, Force2 and Haseena- The Queen of Mumbai.






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