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The wish “I want a holiday that’s out of the world” can be fulfilled in an entirely new way starting 2016. Orbital Technologies, a Russian company, plan to open the first ever space hotel and put it into orbit 250 miles above the Earth.


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The Space Hotel, or Commercial Space Station as it’s officially called, is a four-room hotel that can accommodate up to 7 guests at a time. Each room will have massive windows fitted with binoculars and cameras so that guests can enjoy the breath-taking intergalactic views.

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However, this is one holiday you’ll really have to prepare for. To check in, tourists will have to undergo special training that can take up to three months, depending on the type of spacecraft they fly to the hotel.

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The Hotel will be aimed at wealthy individuals and people working for private companies who want to do research in space.  The next obvious question is, just how wealthy are we talking about? Well space tourists will have to pay £500,000 to travel on a Soyuz rocket for 2 days to get to the hotel before coughing up another £100,000 for a five-night stay.


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According to the makers, this hotel will be much more comfortable than the International Space Station used by astronauts and cosmonauts. There will be no drinking or midnight snacking on board as alcohol is strictly prohibited.  The menus will also have to be decided beforehand as the food will be prepared on Earth and sent on a rocket, to be reheated in microwave ovens.  Delicacies such as braised veal cheeks with wild mushrooms, white bean puree, potato soup and plum compote, will all be available.  

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 Guests can choose to sleep in beds either vertically or horizontally, in the weightlessness of space.  All in all, it will be the experience of a lifetime and will definitely make for an interesting topic of conversation.

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