Strange Signs #1

Welcome to the world of the undecipherable and bizarre. Many readers have been sending to us the examples of "street / traffic / washroom" sign entertainment, and we can't help but share them with you. Have a look!

Great speed limit sign-

Great speed limit sign

Great speed limit sign

Good Zebras-

 Good Zebras

I wonder what is the point of the next one! 

Good Zebras

 Almost straight-


 Nowhere to go..

 Nowhere to go

Nowhere to go

Looking for information?


Sign Clutter-

Sign CLutter

On green... do what? -

Green Light

Traffic lights in Paris: a heart-stopping experience -

Heart Red

Hmm.. Now that is a strange one!


 Falling People

Very Effective-

No Bungee Jumping Sign

 This one is quickly becoming a Classic-

 Watch out for Ice

Not very clear on the message -

What the Hell!

 Pitbull with AIDS




In Toilet (WC)-

 In WC

This switch does not conserve electricity-

 Always ON

Missing numbers (when you are a few numbers short in the set)-


Working hard? Hardly working-

 Hardly Working

This one is a Classic-

Practise Safe Sex 

Sign Man-

Replaced by CGI 


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