Strangest Toilets and Urinals


What do we usually expect when we enter a bathroom? Cleanliness of course and maybe a little bit of sophistication. Well, you’ll get much more than that if you walk into one of the bathrooms below. From crystal-studded toilet to old beer kegs as urinals, these are the weirdest urinals and toilets you’ll ever see (and maybe experience). 


toilet collage

1-red mouth
If the big red mouth wasn’t enough, it even has teeth!
This bathroom is located in London. It has a “firehouse” theme and has fire-buckets as urinals.
3-crystal toilet
This one of a kind Swarovski toilet has been designed by Jemal Wright. It is from the “Isis” range of bathroom fittings and is either partially or fully studded with Swarovski crystals. It costs a smooth $75,000.
This unique men restroom’s can be found in a shopping centre in Weiterstadt, Germany.
5-royal data throne
Known as The Royal Data Throne, this is a place where data is disposed. This exceptional piece is full of detail; it has guts in the thanks and a secret hiding place for under the lid. 

These are the urinals in the bathroom of the restaurant/bar La Jugueteria, in La Macarena district of Bogotá, Colombia.

7-beer kegs
This is taking the art of recycling to a whole new level.  Old beer kegs are being used as urinals at Monteith’s Brewery, New Zealand.
8-ufo bar
These are the bucket urinals in Bratislava’s wobbly UFO Bar! Why one needs such a beautiful view while doing one’s business in another story.
9-pipe toilet
They’ve somehow managed to make a pipe look cute.
10-trumpet toilets
These unusual urinals at a pub in Freiburg, South Germany, were put in by landlord Martin Hartmann.
11-apple toilet
This toilet is a must-have for all the apple fans out there.  Designed by Milos Paripovic this iPoo toilet is a prestigious designer toilet which will provide you with the most technologically advanced bathroom experience you’ve ever had. The material used is also the same as those of iProducts.
12-funny face
There really are no words to describe this one. Weird mouth.Check. Spooky eyes. Check. Inappropriate for a toilet. Check.
13-workaholic potty
This toilet is a workaholic’s dream come true!
14-watching toilet
These creepy/funny (you decide) urinals are located in The Las Vegas Hotel.
15-waterfall urinal
This Waterfall urinal is located in the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, Ca. For some reason it can fit two users, and it's activated by motion control when you get close to the line. 



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