10 Striking & Funny Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are inked for a number of reasons: to pay tribute to someone, as a form of fashion statement, to express oneself etcetera.  Sadly, sometimes these experiments can go very wrong. Read on to find out about the most common tattoo blunders along with striking & funny tattoo's! 

tattoo collage


1)The Frightener

If you’re ever planning to have children or even get a job for that matter, then this tattoo is not for you. 


frightner face

fright face

2) Misspelled tattoo

Amazingly, misspelled tattoos are the most common blunders committed. Guess these guys didn’t pay much attention in English class at school.


im awesomejudge me

3) Illegal use of a body part

This is what happens when a combination of unusual taste and inappropriate animal parts come together.


cows butt

monkey butt

4) Child’s play

This is what happens when the coloring surface extends beyond paper onto your body.


childs play

unicorn tattoo

5) The billboard

You’re supposed to advertise yourself through tattoos, not the other way around.


billboard tattoo

  billboard tattoo 2

 6) The inmate

Want to give people the impression that you’ve either spent or are going to spend a long time in jail? Then this is the tattoo that will force the judge to convict you based on your appearance alone.


inmate tattoos

inmate 2

7) Chinese characters

Chinese character tattoos have become very popular over the years as their writing system is mysterious and beautiful. However, due to unfamiliarity with the Chinese language, mistakes are made.


green-not destiny

The owner of this tattoo this symbol meant 'destiny' when it actually means 'green'.


This tattoo means 'empty/bare/hollow' as opposed to 'to learn as much as possible' which is what the owner believed.


8) The Paragraph

This tattoo is also known was tattoo verbal diarrhea. If a person had so much to say without getting to the point, then this is what the end result would be.


paragraph tattooparagraph 2

9) Petrifying portrait

Making a portrait is one of the most difficult tasks for a tattoo artist. If the tattoo artist isn’t skilled enough, then it could end up looking like this.


potrait tattoo

  dark knight

10) Fake Tribal membership

Unfortunately, to become a member of a tribe one needs more than just a copy of the artwork.


tribal tattoo

tribal tattoo 2


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