If you're an extreme sports enthusaist, daring and the fearless then this is just for you! You could return without your limbs or your life itself if you don't possess the right amount of experience and expertise!

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland:

Ireland harbours more than it's endless green hills, superior whiskey and tales of leprechauns and lucky clover plants in Ireland. The Cliffs of Moher, an ancient sandstone structure, formed from the same earth as the famous Giant's Causeway, provide the world with one of the most dangerous biking paths known to man. All the whiskey and luck in the world won't help you on this journey. This is an undertaking for the courageous cyclist to balance on narrow ledges which diminishes to 10 centimeters in a few places on the path. The cliffs have a 600 feet descent that ends at the base with rocky tidal pools.




Mount Huashan, China:

Mount Huashan, aptly called the 'Mountain of Death', in the Shaanxi province of China, extends to meet the clouds at 6,800 feet. You can enjoy the best tea in China at the top if you're willing to climb that height while risking your life. It's an impossible feat some people have not lived to finish because the top of the mountain is almost inaccessible save for a rickety trail of boards(2 feet) circling the mountain which sometimes slopes downward. Clinging onto chains precariously fastened into the soft sedimentary rock, you hold on for your life as you traverse across these boards. You face a drop of 3,000 feet should you fall and needless to say many have plunged to their deaths here, the count of which has never been totalled.






The Prophet, California, America:

If you venture to climb the Prophet without the proper skill and equipment required then your fate is sealed because you're not likely to live to tell the tale. The cliff, almost completely smooth composite rock, rises straight into the sky for more than 1,800 feet with rocky canyons at it's base. The solid rock makes it a task to climb because securing yourself to it would be quite difficult due to which some intense climbers ascend without a rope connecting them as the risk of slipping by not securing the clamps properly is high. Others, not keen on tempting death, wedge a clamp inside cracks and rise slowly few feet at a time.



Phantom Cave & Peacock Springs, America:

The Phantom Cave brings prospects of claustrophobia and heightened fear of drowning and darkness. Rapidly gaining popularity for diving and spelunking, the caves have dark tunnels that you can explore which stretch to 1,300 feet leaving still more to be explored. Needless to say, this isn't for the faint of heart. If you thought climbing immensely high cliffs is scary, then you will be terrified by this.





Palouse Falls, Washington, America:

Tyler Bradt, aged 22, the first to try such this stunt, had an apparent death wish as he risked drowning, impalement and blunt force trauma to kayak over the edge of Palouse Falls. This isn't, obviously, everyone's cup of tea but definitely every kayaker's wet dream and thanks to Tyler they know it can be done and survived. Bradt added the 180 feet fall to his kayaking route by descending into the river pit below from the precipice above with cameras recording this crazy attempt.

Palouse Falls1

Palouse Falls2

Great White Shark Paddling, California, America:

Paddle boarding is an extremely famous sport but slowly gaining fame is Paddle Board Shark Watching. While Paddle Boarding cannot be classified as an extreme sport, Paddle Board Shark Watching definitely classifies. Paddle Boarding is when you stand on top of a floating board, about 8 feet, in calm, shallow water and propel yourself with a handheld paddle. The same philosophy appled in deep waters that are home to Great White Sharks, which allows you to get to a distance of almost 1.7 meters to these mammals, is what is known as Paddle Board Shark Watching. Fallows, an extreme sportsmen who initiated this sport, is followed by Chuck Patterson who attempted to film two Great Whites successfully, in 2010. Since then, the sport has definitely, caught on.

Shark Watching1

Shark Watching2

Plunger Mountain, Alaska, America:

Have you ever tried to climb a tree without any branches? Well, that's what it would feel like to climb Punger Mountain to reach it's sharply pointed peak with barely any standing room at the top. However, to get to the top, there is an enormous glacier at the base that needs to be crossed first before the peak can be pursued. The drop you can look forward on reaching is of 1,300 feet and obviously this is not an easy exercise to undertake.



Rocky Mountain Waterfall Ice Climbs, British Columbia, Canada:

Forget your horror stories, this is what fear is really made of. In a new twist to an already terrifying sport, climbers are now attempting to climb the frozen waterfalls of Rocky Mountain with ice picks and ropes. The brittle ice may break loose at any point and climbers will fall to the ground with it. The entire surface of the waterfall is not alike in character due to different freezing patterns and recurring heating on the sun which makes choosing time of the day very important.

Rocky Mountain1

Rocky Mountain2

Rocky Mountain3

Mount Pacaya, Gautemala & Villarica, Chile:

Mountain climbers dealing with the problem of boredom can challenge themselves with volcanic mountaineering. Famous for this sport, Mount Pacaya in Gautemala is 8,000 feet in height. The mountain has frequent eruptions and many climbers brave themselves against the heat, smoke and molten lava to scale these heights. If you want a cold experience, then try Chile's Villarica which has lava spewing through it's broken ice cap.




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