New Year's Eve is one of the most celebrated evenings all of the world. With parties to family gatherings to concerts and carnivals, New Year's Eve is one of the most eagerly anticipated nights in the year. Here are 5 of the Best places to be on New Year's Eve.

1. Sydney:

With firework displays and bright lights, and a history dating as far as 1996, the Sydney Harbour has hosted one the Best New Years Eve Parties in the world. With signature display of Pyrotechnics such as the Waterfall Effect and the Birthday Cake effect, this is one New years Eve party you just have to experience. The Party is hosted by the City of Sydney Counsil and Kylie Minogue will be the creative ambassador for the 2013 celebrations.

Sydney on NYE



2. Madrid:

The city of Madrid comes alive in December, from huge street parties to intimate restaurants, you’ll find your ideal place to be on December 31st. Spend the day experiencing the best that Spain has to offer; stroll through the famous streets and experience the cultural sights, foods and people. Puerto del Sol is where Madrid's New Years celebrations are concentrated. The centre of the city is a famous landmark in its own right, and on December 31st it becomes the focal point for the whole country. A enormous clock is mounted to countdown to the New Year. Crowds gather to party the night away with Spanish cava, warming up the city in the midst of winter!

Madrid on NYE

3. Time Square, New York:

By far one of the oldest recorded New Year's Eve party venue, Times Square hosted it's first New Year's Eve Party in 1904. This spectacle is a definite entry into bucket lists across the world, and deservedly so. From Muhammad Ali in 2000 to Lady Gaga last year, Times Square New York has hosted many celebrities along the years. Every year at 11:59 p.m. EST on New Year's Eve a Time call is lowered 77 feet down a flagpole, resting on the stroke of midnight to signal the start of the New Year.The Times Square ball drop is one of the best-known New Year's celebrations internationally, attended by at least one million spectators yearly, with an estimated global audience of at least 1 billion.

Times Square on NYE

4. London:

If you’re looking for an impressive street party look no further. London has a variety of street based events to lead you through into the New Year. Watch the minutes count down on the iconic Big Ben or admire the firework display at the London Eye, with the best view from Westminister bridge. The next day, if you feel up to it, join the London Parade as it makes its way through the city; drawing visitors from around Europe this is a spectacular event with local heroes, bands, clowns and much more.

London on NYE

Big Ben

5. Honolulu Hawaii:

As the last major city to celebrate the New Year, Honolulu, Hawaii is the best place to spend a New Year's Eve. Every December 31, the city of Honolulu bursts into life with festivities. If you are lucky enough to be in Hawaii during the holiday season, make sure you make yourself available for this New Years Eve Celebration. A walk down Waikiki Beach is an unforgettable way to bring in the New Year. Every major hotel on the beach hosts live music and events throughout night and there are a half-dozen different fireworks displays to enjoy. With 70 degree weather and warm sunshine in December, Honolulu is a wonderful place to bring in the New Year. Whether you prefer a dinner with family, a walk along Waikiki Beach, or a party at Aloha Tower Marketplace, it definitely is one to experience.

Hawaii on NYE

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