A viral video is a visual treat that gains mass popularity on the internet through technological word-of-mouth spreading via social media, websites, e-mails, etc. These videos are a means to spread ideas, sometimes public humour for comic relief or to market a product. Here's a compilation of the most viral videos of 2012:

1. Kony
Joseph Kony is a terrorist heading the LRA(Lord's Resistance Army), a Ugandan guerilla group, accussed of many crimes against humanity such as abducting children to train as soldiers or being sold as sex-slaves. The video Kony 2012, created by Invisible Children, Inc., brought to light the brutality of Kony and his organisation. The aim of this video was to instigate the capture of Kony. Many celebrities also lent their voice to this cause such as Angelina Jolie and Oprah Winfrey.


2. Gangnam Style
Psy is a South Korean rapper, musician and dancer who basically shot to fame almost overnight with 'Gangnam Style'. It is mostly him doing an absolutely ridiculous, singular dance move throughout the video to a hypnotic techno track surrounded by horses, a dancing kid, beautiful women, a carousel, commuters and old people. The video even hold a Guinness record for most Youtube likes. t's a mystery what you can credit the video's success to but some might say his dance moves and swag count. 

3. Dumb Ways to Die
Dumb Ways to Die is a hilarious viral video released in the interest of public safety for the Australian Metro, by designer Julian Frost. It is an animation on the different dumb ways to die (obviously!) with an inclusion on how being killed by a metro train is one of them. The simplicity and comic factor of the video lends it it's popularity among the masses

4. Catch the Ice Dude
As much as we hate to derive pleasure from another's humiliation, it is often a good source of entertainment as is this video. This German diver didn't quite go down in a splash and may be scarred from his fiasco but his friends thought to worsen his situation by recording and putting his entire ordeal online. This video offers plenty laughs and caution for anyone who is interested in ice acrobatics.

5. Best Job
Procter and Gamble released an ad praising mother's worldwide before the London Olympics. The video features mothers from all over the world sharing their journeys on raising their young Olympians. It plays on sentimentalism and piggybacking on the hot topic at the time - The Olympics.

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