A tribute to Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin
Steve Irwin
Steve Irwin , the popular television presenter better known as the 'Crocodile Hunter', has passed away following a marine accident.

The 44-year old was filming an underwater documentary on Monday morning, and police sources in Cairns, north Australia, say he was killed by a stingray barb.

Only the second known Australian fatality from a stingray attack, Irwin seemed to have been stung either through his heart or the left side of his chest, following which he immediately suffered a cardiac arrest. He is survived by wife Terri and their two children, Bindi Sue, 8, and Robert, 3.

Also aiding his global following were his pro-conservation, environmentalist approach and his encyclopaedic knowledge and love of crocodiles.





Steve Irwin
Australian naturalist and animal-lover Steve Irwin has died after being struck in the chest by a stingray's barb.
Steve Irwin with an alligator
Irwin had been filming a documentary on his boat Croc One in Queensland's Great Barrier Reef on the day of his death. Paramedics were unable to save his life.
Steve Irwin wraps an anaconda snake around Jay Leno
The 44-year-old was famous around the world for handling dangerous animals, including an anaconda during a TV appearance on the Jay Leno Show.
Steve and Terri Irwin with an albino Burmese python
Mr Irwin's wife Terri was often at his side, to help deal with animals such as the albino Burmese python.
Terri and Steve Irwin with an alligator
Father-of-two Mr Irwin grew up on his parents' reptile park and became fascinated with animals after receiving a python as a present on his sixth birthday.
Steve Irwin with a camel
He was also a passionate conservationist and was pictured with a variety of animals, such as Kimberly the camel in 2003.
Steve Irwin with wife Terri and daughter Bindi
There was outrage in 2004 when Mr Irwin held his one-month-old son near a crocodile during a show. He said his children, including daughter Bindi, had to grow up to be "croc savvy".
Steve Irwin with a taipan snake
Mr Irwin, who handled dangerous animals such as the taipan snake, turned a small reptile park in Queensland into Australia Zoo. It has now become a major wildlife centre.
Terri and Steve Irwin
And Mr Irwin emphasised his dedication to saving endangered species by creating the Steve Irwin Conservation Foundation.
Steve Irwin in front of Uluru, once known as Ayers Rock
Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said he was "fond" of Mr Irwin and "very, very appreciative" of his work in promoting Australia overseas.
People pay tribute to Steve Irwin in front of his zoo
Fans left flowers at Australia Zoo after news of Mr Irwin's death was confirmed on Monday.
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