Image Parineeta

Cast : Sanjay Dutt, Saif Ali Khan, Vidya Balan, Riama Sen, Dia Mirza, Rekha ( special apperance )

Parineeta Music Director : Shantanu Moitra

Screen Play  : Rekha, Vidhu Vinod Chopra

Lyrics : Swanand Kirkire

Art Director : Keshto Mondal, Tanushree Sarkar, Pradeep Sarkar

Cinematographer : N. Nataraja Subramanian

Parineeta Producer : Vidhu Vinod Chopra

The movie starts in the era of early 1960s. VV Chopra mesmerized me by the way he’s created the sets to suit that era. Basically its based on Chattopadhyay’s novel. So VV chopra had to mainly work on the “presentation” of the story. And I am glad he has been successful in doing so. S.C.Chattopadhyay has always conveyed the typical Indian women in his works. He glorifies her character, stresses on her emotional strengths and describes the her male counterpart exactly in an opposite way, sometimes to the extreme that there appears to have a negative shade to his character.

It’s a two hour movie. And I can't particularly call it “slow paced”. The story starts with a flashback and ends at the same place, which is again an old technique.
The movie starts with shekhar’s (saif’s) wedding. He walks out to his neighbour’s house ( lolita’s (vidya balan’s)place ) and is totally frustrated with her for a reason which the audience is bound to know in due course of the movie. Then he goes home and sings a song which acts like a thread to connect us to the flashback.
Here we get to know that Lolita’s parents expire when she’s a kid and so she comes to stay over to her uncle’s place , which happens to be next to saif’s haveli. Saif is the son of a big businessman of kolkata. Lolita and saif get along well as frnds. And grow up along with each other. Saif is a musician (a pianist) and Lolita composes songs for him. One BEAUTIFUL song in the movie is “PIU BOLE…piya bole”..( I personally LOVED the song..) I mean it has amazingly mushy lyrics and the picturization is koool too. Saif’s dad is a typical business man who wants him to get married to a rich business man’s daughter gayatri (diya mirza)…( personally I felt that her character in the movie wasn’t potrayed well. As in the character she plays doesn’t blend in the 60s era. She seems to be more like the late 90s gal. )saif’s dad also lends lolita’s uncle some amount of money and gets their house mortgaged and plans to convert her house into a resort. Lolita works in saif’s dad’s company so she get a clue of this. So alerts her uncle (a bit too indirectly ).

Some how sanjay dutt (girish) is brought into picture… hes some neighbours brother whos a steel tycoon in London. He instantly falls in love wid Lolita ( considering how beautiful she is…who wouldn’t ??!! *winks*) and then pays off her uncle’s debt .. in a very unexpected way. Also meanwhile Lolita spending too much time wid girish angers saif. There are clashes between them. Yet accidentally saif and Lolita get married. But they keep it a secret. And saif goes outa kolkata to settle a business deal. Saif’s dad has to listen to the music due to breaking the resort plan deal and hence he fires Lolita…says bad stuff about her character etc. due to this kinda behaviour lolita’s uncle get a major heart attack and hence their entire family moves to London. When saif comes back to kolkata his dad tells him lies and saif starts hating Lolita after getting to know that she is now gonna marry girish (the steel tycoon). So saif agrees to marry gayatri (diya mirza) and on the day of his wedding Lolita and her family come back to kolkata. Girish meets saif and tells him that Lolita refused to marry girish saying that she’s already married. girish also clears all the misunderstandings. Saif realizes his mistake and goes back to Lolita. The end is a little bit over done…as in they have ended it like a typical bollywood movie… thts the only thing I didn’t like about it.

The story might sound very dry ..( but thts coz of my lack of imagination to describe it well) .. but has been presented really well.
Saif has acted well and is successful is potraying the image of “ a typical rich dad’s son…whos also a dreamer… a musician… and the one who takes his childhood frnd for granted most of the times and doesn’t realize his love for her”.
Vidya balan has been in advertisements. But this film is her debut. And infact I admire VV chopra’s ability to select her for this role…I mean she’s jus PERFECT for the role…I couldn’t imagine anyone else as Lolita. She has acted amazingly well .. and seems to be a perfect “next door gal…who loves her childhood sweetheart ,.. but knows she cant have him coz of saif’s dad’s businessman like attitude … she also bears with saif ego and mood swings”
All in all .. I would rate this movie as a 4 outa 5. which makes it a MUST see.

So if you are a connoisseur of music and imagination, value story-lines and pragmatism, and need a value-for-money deal, place the bet on Parineeta and you will not be disappointed!

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