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Arcade Statistics
General Statistics
Games in the Arcade30
Total Number of Plays117960
Best Players by champions
king of games100%24
Most Active users
Most Played Games
Color Boxes52%9583
Simon Says42%7780
Donkey Kong32%5915
Military Snow Pingu22%3996
Seconds of Madness21%3961
Best Games (by rating)
Shell Game100%4.39394
Military Snow Pingu87%3.84034
Squid Hunter84%3.70968
Longest champions
Fugitive100% Skating 539 Weeks 3 Days 30 Seconds
Fugitive100% Military Snow Pingu 539 Weeks 2 Days 23 Hours 53 Minutes 55 Seconds
Fugitive100% Tetris 539 Weeks 44 Hours 53 Minutes 58 Seconds
Fugitive100% Double Pong 538 Weeks 6 Days 23 Hours 4 Minutes 17 Seconds
king of games83% Gun Slinger 448 Weeks 5 Days 23 Hours 12 Seconds
king of games83% R-Shot 448 Weeks 5 Days 22 Hours 48 Minutes 10 Seconds
king of games83% Avoider 448 Weeks 5 Days 22 Hours 44 Minutes 39 Seconds
king of games83% Star Fall 448 Weeks 5 Days 22 Hours 40 Minutes 23 Seconds
king of games83% Space Hunter 448 Weeks 5 Days 22 Hours 37 Minutes 56 Seconds
king of games83% Squid Hunter 448 Weeks 5 Days 22 Hours 35 Minutes 9 Seconds
king of games83% Newtons Revenge 448 Weeks 5 Days 22 Hours 23 Minutes 47 Seconds
king of games83% Othello 448 Weeks 5 Days 22 Hours 20 Minutes 16 Seconds
king of games83% Submarines 448 Weeks 5 Days 22 Hours 14 Minutes 50 Seconds
king of games83% Eksiv 448 Weeks 5 Days 22 Hours 12 Minutes 41 Seconds
king of games83% Seconds of Madness 448 Weeks 5 Days 22 Hours 8 Minutes 30 Seconds
king of games83% Snake 448 Weeks 5 Days 22 Hours 5 Minutes 53 Seconds
king of games83% Shell Game 448 Weeks 5 Days 22 Hours 73 Seconds
king of games83% Simon Says 448 Weeks 5 Days 21 Hours 50 Minutes 48 Seconds
king of games83% Bricks in the wall 448 Weeks 5 Days 21 Hours 48 Minutes 20 Seconds
king of games83% Donkey Kong 448 Weeks 5 Days 21 Hours 42 Minutes 39 Seconds
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