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August 21, 2014, 05:51:10 AM *
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61  General Category / The Newsroom / Re: Picture that made grandad cry on: August 14, 2014, 12:57:00 AM
Even if it is true it shows the young boy is not afraid of dead! What a courageous boy!!! Thumbs Up! Thumbs Up! Thumbs Up! Thumbs Up!

Im quite sure boys should be encouraged to show "courage" in far better ways than this.

Men could set an example to him, by having the courage to turn down such offers of being brainwashed too.
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62  General Category / The Newsroom / Re: London Is Now The Millionaire Capital Of The World on: August 13, 2014, 11:13:31 PM
I don't think mega rich shop through internet!  Tourism is such a money spinning industry even whole nations like Singapore,Thailand, Mauritius depend on it! Business, pleasure or mere shopping  London has become millionaire's choice and so the burgeoning millionaire Londoner!
Rent alone in central london for a shop in Bond Street...Can be more than 100,000 a week for a little shop...So they would have to sell alot of stuff  Smiley

As said...Mostly...the people with big money are from tv/sport/etc Beckham, McCartney, Elton John, Tony Blair, and the like are included in those figures. Property business is far bigger than shops
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63  General Category / The Newsroom / Re: London Is Now The Millionaire Capital Of The World on: August 13, 2014, 06:03:04 PM
Where the spent money goes?  no doubt London shop  owners are benefited a lot by these huge spenders  and slowly become millionaires!
as simple as that! sooner or later London will be a home to largest n.o billionaires!  Good luck, Londoners!! clap clap clap

In 2014 super rich middle eastern tourists spent around 1 billion pounds!

95 5 star hotels in London completely booked by the mega rich! clap
In 2006 there were 71,000 rooms in branded hotels. I wonder what the figure is now!

Im not sure that all the millionaires are shop owners  Smiley Londoners shop mostly on the internet now anyway.

Alot of the millionaires are in the singing/acting/football/sports/entertainment world.

The average footballers salary is 676,000 per year.
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64  General Category / The Newsroom / Re: EBOLA ` on: August 13, 2014, 03:40:17 AM
Awarenes is good, overreaction is wrong.
Thumbs Up!
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65  General Category / The Newsroom / Re: London Is Now The Millionaire Capital Of The World on: August 13, 2014, 01:04:46 AM
Super rich Arabs spending billions of dollars every year in London
They know where to party for 6 weeks of every year, when their escaping the heat of their country  Grin

The stastistics were regarding the wealth of those who LIVE in London...not tourists in hotels.  Smiley
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66  General Category / The Newsroom / Re: EBOLA ` on: August 13, 2014, 01:02:11 AM
A 26-year-old man, who was kept under observation at a government hospital in Chennai for "screening and observation" for Ebola virus on his return from an African country, has been found healthy, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said on Sunday.

Read more at: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/ebola-virus-suspect-healthy-says-government/1/376477.html

Ofcourse we should not downplay the disease, as it must be terrible.
But i feel the media are able to create a hype when there is  no reason.  Undecided
I suppose awareness of any decease is important.
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67  General Category / The Newsroom / Re: Australian couple abandon surrogate Down's Syndrome baby on: August 12, 2014, 06:56:15 PM
Most IVF treatments are due to this reason, but some , ie 1% are due to the unwillingness of the female to carry her own child and pay someone else to do it as its easier for her. Not sure if this was the reason here...

No I disagree... Her religious views against abortion must have been discussed and accepted by the Aussie couple.  
As the women has said she hadnt met the couple...I dont think abortion was discussed until AFTER a test proved that one of the foetuses had downs syndrome. After which the couple paying, requested a termination.
I can honestly say, i have never heard of a healthy woman who is able to conceive...Asking someone else to carry a child for her.
Im sure that if this Aussie couple were able to have children naturally, they would not have travelled from Australia to Thailand for treatment/a surrogate.

As stated previously, a downs syndrome test is available to all pregnant mothers, so they have the option of terminating a pregnancy. I wonder if the surrogates "religious views" allowed for money to be exchanged for a child? Or for a married mother to carry another mans child?
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68  General Category / The Newsroom / Re: EBOLA ` on: August 12, 2014, 06:44:51 PM

There is currently an Ebola outbreak putting all of us at risk. Please help to educate all around u by sending this message to all your contacts....

Is there an outbreak in your area then? Putting you at risk?  Undecided As there isnt in mine!
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69  General Category / The Newsroom / Re: EBOLA ` on: August 12, 2014, 04:04:29 PM
Ebola was first identified in 1976.

It is contracted by contact with deceased animals, namely fruit bats and monkeys who spread the infection to humans.

Around 1000 people have died per year from Ebola, though more recently since 2013 there has been an outbreak.

Its those who are infected who travel abroad...That will spread the decease further afield. Those who are infected will often travel abroad in hope of seeking treatment.

Simulary those who are HIV or infected with AIDS also travel abroad and pass on the decease.

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70  General Category / The Newsroom / Re: Australian couple abandon surrogate Down's Syndrome baby on: August 12, 2014, 03:43:20 PM
It definitely is a money based transaction. Though it seems more like buying babies and selling babies.. These rich bratty females who dont want to spoil their figure and body by having a baby, pay others for having their baby... and then abandon the baby if there is a problem or abnormality. Sick world  Lips Sealed
It isnt to do with rich bratty females not wanting to ruin their figure by having a baby.

Its because many females are UNABLE to carry a baby and many males too, are unable to father a baby. Hence the need for IVF treatments in the first place. Some women dont produce healthy eggs to be fertilised, have blocked tubes or cant carry a baby full term without miscarrying.

Couples turn to IVF rather than adoption as they want a child that is biologically their own.

Unfortunately IVF treatments and surrogates are beyond the reach of many "rich couples" in Western countries...Due to the cost & bureaucracy. Hence they travel abroad. Its also very hard to adopt in the UK for example and the waiting list for those approved could be years long.

The other thing regarding this particular case...The Thai mum says she didnt realise the implications of surrogacy, thats she,s young. But she,s not too young to join an agency to get paid, or to be married and be the mother of two children of her own?
Im sorry but i have no sympathy for the Thai mum either as she set out to be pregnant for money, she carried a baby that she knew very well was disabled and now wants more money and also a house from the childs suffering...A child that SHE decided to carry knowing his disabilities and that he was unwanted before he was born.
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