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Dj Devil:
anybody read hardy boys books?????????????????

i used to read them and i still have about 50 books of theirs!!!these books are superb but due to studies i cant read them

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Frank and Joe Hardy are the sons of Fenton Hardy, an internationally famous detective. Although still in high school, both Frank and Joe have inherited much of their father's detective tendencies and often solve cases of their own at home or abroad. The Hardys live in Bayport, a small but thriving city of 50,000 inhabitants located on Barmet Bay, a horseshoe-shaped inlet three miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean.

The Hardy home, an old stone structure set in a large, tree-shaded lawn at the corner of Elm and High streets, is where many of the mysteries begin. Also on the property is a garage, and its second floor has been converted into a well-equipped laboratory that Frank and Joe often use while solving a case.
  Fenton Hardy
Frank and Joe could never keep a secret from their astute father, and they suspected that this was one of the abilities that made him such a successful investigator. Indeed, Fenton Hardy had made an enviable name for himself. For many years he had been a detective with the New York Police Department, but resigned to accept cases of his own. He is now known as one of the best private detectives in the country and has solved many mysteries that had baffled city detective forces.

Frank Hardy
 Frank, a tall, dark-haired eighteen-year-old, is the more serious of the brothers. He likes to think things out, taking into account all aspects of a problem. He's good at analysing clues and figuring out which are the logical steps to take in order to solve a case. According to Mystery of the Flying Express, Frank is a Scorpio.

Joe Hardy
 A year younger than his brother, Joe is almost Frank's complete opposite. He dashes into all kinds of situations without worrying too much about consequences, and refuses to admit that anything is impossible. Joe is full of enthusiasm and good humour, and can always be counted on to lighten up a tense situation with a witty remark. According to Mystery of the Flying Express, Joe is an Aries.

Mrs. Hardy
 Laura Hardy, a pretty, petite woman, always worries about the dangers her husband and sons face, but has become accustomed to their hectic lifestyle.

Aunt Gertrude
 Gertrude Hardy, a spinster of "uncertain years," is Fenton Hardy's sister. She never refrains from making her opinions known in the form of long tirades, but her prim visage is deceptive, for beneath her forbidding appearance, she is really one of the kindest people one could ever hope to meet. Click here for more about Aunt Gertrude.

    Chet Morton
 Chet, the Hardys' best friend, lives on a farm about a mile outside of Bayport. The pride of his life is an old yellow jalopy he nicknamed "Queen." Chet is rotund and freckle-faced, and loves to eat. Solving mysteries with the Hardys always gives him the jitters, but despite this, he is a loyal assistant and has often rescued them from dangerous predicaments. Chet is always picking up new hobbies, which sometimes play an instrumental part in solving a mystery.

Biff Hooper
Allen Hooper is a lanky, blond boy nicknamed Biff because of his fondness for a distant relative who is a boxer named Biff.

Tony Prito
Of Italian descent, Tony is lively and has a good sense of humour. His boat, the Napoli, is a good ship, but not quite a match for the Hardys' speedboat, the Sleuth. Tony's father is a contractor.

Phil Cohen
Phil is a quiet, intelligent boy who, in the newer books, is a computer genius.

Jerry Gilroy
Jerry, an excellent fielder on Bayport High's baseball team, is of medium height, wiry, and strong.

Iola Morton
Chet's sister was dark-haired and pretty. Joe Hardy thought she was the nicest girl in Bayport High and dated her regularly. Sadly, Iola was killed by a terrorist car bomb that was meant for Frank and Joe in Casefiles #1.

Callie Shaw
Callie is in Frank Hardy's class at Bayport High. Frank often dates the vivacious blonde, and likes her better than any other girl he knows.
      Other characters     
    Chief Collig
Ezra Collig, chief of the Bayport police force, is a tall, husky man well known to Fenton Hardy and his sons. Chief Collig often turns to the private detective for help solving particularly difficult cases.

Con Riley
Patrolman Con Riley is a member of the Bayport police force.

Oscar Smuff
Probably the most annoying character in a Hardy Boys book, Smuff is a short, stout man who always wears a checkered suit and soft felt hat. He fancies himself a private detective but is often shown up by Frank and Joe despite his scorn for the two young detectives. In fact, Smuff often falls flat on his face while attempting to prove his worth as an investigator. (Before the books were revised, Smuff, along with Con Riley, was an inept detective with the Bayport police force.)

Sam Radley
Fenton Hardy's able operative. Sam and his wife, Ethel, live in an apartment in the center of town, about a half a mile from the Hardy home.

Jack Wayne
Lean-faced and tanned, Jack Wayne is Fenton Hardy's pilot on all his chartered flights. His plane is called the Skyhappy Sal.


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Series history
The Hardy Boys is a creation of the Stratemeyer Syndicate, the creators of dozens of successful book series such as the Rover Boys, the Bobbsey Twins and Tom Swift, and later, Nancy Drew. Edward Stratemeyer conceived of the Hardy Boys in 1926 with the creation of plot outlines that would become the first volumes of the series. Various ghostwriters were employed, under contract of secrecy, to pen the actual stories. The first author was Leslie McFarlane, whose writing defined the literary style of the series, as well as the personalities and nuances of its characters. McFarlane authored volumes 1-16 and 22-24, which are generally regarded as the best works of the series.

Substantial revisions to the first 38 titles began in 1959. Over the course of 15 years the series was revised to modernize outdated vernacular, reduce story length, and remove the racial stereotypes prolific in many of the early books. The result of this process varied from one book to another. In some cases only minor changes resulted, while in others the entire plot and storyline were thrown out, resulting in an entirely new book bearing no resemblance to the original.

In 1979, after 52 years and 59 titles (which included the non-fiction Hardy Boys' Detective Handbook), Grosset & Dunlap lost the rights to publish any new Hardy Boys tales in a protracted court battle with the Syndicate. They did retain the right to continue publishing these 59 titles (referred to by some Hardy Boys enthusiasts as the canon or "blue spines") and continue to do so to this day, despite several changes in ownership. In the meantime, Simon & Schuster continued the series in the Hardy Boys Digest series of paperback books. In 2005 the venerable Digest series was ended with volume 190 and a new series, The Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers, was started. The Undercover Brothers series is supplemented by a series of graphic novels and, initially, a now-discontinued series of comic books. Also in 2005 Grosset & Dunlap gained permission to continue publishing more titles in hardcover, starting with Digest volumes 59 to 66.

The Hardy Boys also appeared in several spin-off series: The Casefiles (127 volumes), the Clues Brothers (17 volumes), with Tom Swift in the 2 volume Ultra-Thriller series and with Nancy Drew in the 36 volume Supermystery series.

Hardy Boys books have been issued in over 25 languages, including Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Sinhala, Japanese, Russian, Malay, and Afrikaans

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Story background
The Hardy Boys are brother amateur detectives. Frank is the elder of the two, and Joe is the younger brother. The stories are an unageing series as, despite their hundreds of adventures totalling far more than a year, they are always 17 and 18 years old (and it is always, approximately, the present day).

The two boys live in Bayport with their father Fenton Hardy, a private detective formerly with the NYPD, their mother Laura, and their Aunt Gertrude, a character often used for comic relief. Frank's longtime girlfriend is Callie Shaw, while Joe is often linked with Iola Morton, the sister of the duo's good friend Chet Morton, another comic relief character. Other friends who assist the brothers include Phil Cohen, Biff Hooper, Jerry Gilroy and Tony Prito. The Bayport Police Department is represented by Chief Ezra Collig, and Patrolman Con Riley. 'Detective' Oscar Smuff is often seen in cases as he comically blunders trying to solve a mystery and be recognised and become part of the police force. In the older stories, the Hardy Boys' cases often are linked to the confidential cases their detective father is currently working on. He sometimes asks them for help, while at other times they stumble upon villains and incidents that are connected to his cases.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.
In 1987, the series was revised with the Hardy Boy Casefiles series. Consisting of 127 volumes, these stories were much darker in tone and featured plots involving espionage, governmental conspiracies, cults, militia groups, and organized crime. They also featured a level of violence unseen in previous Hardy Boys stories, a fact that became evident to readers in the opening pages of the first "Hardy Boys Casefile" novel as longtime supporting cast member Iola Morton was murdered by a car bomb planted under her car.

Spoilers end here.
Hardy Boys canon books
The Hardy Boys canon books are the original books. Below are the names of the canon books:

The Tower Treasure
The House on the Cliff
The Secret of the Old Mill
The Missing Chums
Hunting for Hidden Gold
The Shore Road Mystery
The Secret of the Caves
The Mystery of Cabin Island
The Great Airport Mystery
What Happened at Midnight
While the Clock Ticked
Footprints Under the Window
The Mark on the Door
The Hidden Harbor Mystery
The Sinister Signpost
A Figure in Hiding
The Secret Warning
The Twisted Claw
The Disappearing Floor
Mystery of the Flying Express
The Clue of the Broken Blade
The Flickering Torch Mystery
The Melted Coins
The Short-Wave Mystery
The Secret Panel
The Phantom Freighter
The Secret of Skull Mountain
The Sign of the Crooked Arrow
The Secret of the Lost Tunnel
The Wailing Siren Mystery
The Secret of Wildcat Swamp
The Crisscross Shadow
The Yellow Feather Mystery
The Hooded Hawk Mystery
The Clue in the Embers
The Secret of Pirates' Hill
The Ghost at Skeleton Rock
Mystery at Devil's Paw
The Mystery of the Chinese Junk
Mystery of the Desert Giant
The Clue of the Screeching Owl
The Viking Symbol Mystery
The Mystery of the Aztec Warrior
The Haunted Fort
The Mystery of the Spiral Bridge
The Secret Agent on Flight 101
Mystery of the Whale Tattoo
The Arctic Patrol Mystery
The Bombay Boomerang
Danger on Vampire Trail
The Masked Monkey
The Shattered Helmet
The Clue of the Hissing Serpent
The Mysterious Caravan
The Witchmaster's Key
The Jungle Pyramid
The Firebird Rocket
The Sting of the Scorpion
The newer Hardy Boys Mysteries ("Digests")
This series was cancelled in 2005 with volume 190. The series has branched off into others (Casefiles, Clues Brothers, et.al.). The main Hardy Boys series today is the Undercover Brothers (2005-present).

Night of the Werewolf
Mystery of the Samurai Sword
The Pentagon Spy
The Apeman's Secret
The Mummy Case
Mystery of Smugglers Cove
The Stone Idol
The Vanishing Thieves
The Outlaw's Silver
Submarine Caper — Retitled "Deadly Chase"
The Four-Headed Dragon
The Infinity Clue
Track Of The Zombie
The Voodoo Plot
The Billion Dollar Ransom
Trapped At Sea
Game Plan for Disaster
The Crimson Flame
Sky Sabotage
The Roaring River Mystery
The Demon's Den
The Blackwing Puzzle
The Swamp Monster
Revenge of the Desert Phantom
The Skyfire Puzzle
The Mystery of the Silver Star
Program For Destruction
Tricky Business
Sky Blue Frame
Danger on the Diamond
Shield Of Fear
The Shadow Killers
The Serpent's Tooth Mystery
Breakdown in Axeblade
Danger on the Air
Cast of Criminals
Spark of Suspicion
Dungeon of Doom
The Secret of the Island Treasure
The Money Hunt
Terminal Shock
The Million-Dollar Nightmare
Tricks of the Trade
The Smoke Screen Mystery
Attack Of The Video Villians
Panic on Gull Island
Fear on Wheels
The Prime-Time Crime
Secret of Sigma Seven
Three-Ring Terror
The Demolition Mission
Radical Moves
The Case of the Counterfeit Criminals
Sabotage at Sports City
Rock N Roll Renegades
Baseball Card Conspiracy
Danger in the Fourth Dimension
Trouble At Coyote Canyon
The Case Of The Cosmic Kidnapping
The Mystery in the Old Mine
Carnival Of Crime
The Robot's Revenge
Mystery With a Dangerous Beat
Mystery On Makatunk Island
Racing to Disaster
Reel Thrills
Day of the Dinosaur
The Treasure At Dolphin Bay
Sidetracked To Danger
Crusade of the Flaming Sword
Maximum Challenge
Crime in the Kennel
Cross-Country Crime
The Hypersonic Secret
The Cold Cash Caper
High-Speed Showdown
The Alaskan Adventure
The Search for the Snow Leopard
Slam Dunk Sabotage
The Desert Thieves
Lost in the Gator Swamp
The Giant Rat of Sumatra
The Secret of Skeleton Reef
Terror at High Tide
The Mark of the Blue Tattoo
Trial and Terror
The Ice-Cold Case
The Chase for the Mystery Twister
The Crisscross Crime
The Rocky Road to Revenge
Danger In The Extreme
Eye On Crime
The Caribbean Cruise Caper
A Will To Survive
The Lure Of The Italian Treasure
The London Deception
A Game Called Chaos
Training For Trouble
The End Of The Trail
The Spy That Never Lies
Skin And Bones
Crime In The Cards
Past And Present Danger
Trouble Times Two
The Castle Conundrum
Ghost Of A Chance
Kickoff To Danger
The Test Case
Trouble in Warp Space
Speed Times Five
Hide and Sneak
Trick or Trouble
In Plane Sight
The Case of the Psychic's Vision
The Mystery of the Black Rhino
Passport to Danger
Typhoon Island
Double Jeopardy
The Secret Of The Soldier's Gold
Warehouse Rumble
The Dangerous Transmission
Wreck 'n' Roll
Hidden Mountain
No Way Out
Farming Fear
One False Step
Motocross Madness
TV appearances
The Hardy Boys have appeared five times on television, including programs on The Mickey Mouse Club in 1956 and 1957 starring Tim Considine and Tommy Kirk. In 1967, NBC aired a pilot called "The Mystery Of The Chinese Junk" starring Tim Matthieson (later Matheson) as Joe Hardy and Rick Gates as Frank. Two years later, in 1969, ABC ran a Saturday Morning cartoon series (produced by Filmation) and later an ABC prime time series starring Parker Stevenson and Shaun Cassidy from 1977-1979. There was also a syndicated 13 episode Canadian series in 1995 with Paul Popowich.

The Mickey Mouse Club series, the animated series and the 1970's ABC-TV series were responsible for the creation of many items of Hardy Boys memorabilia such as board games, comic books, jigsaw puzzles, dolls and other items. The teen heartthrob Shaun Cassidy was featured on many of the 1970's items of memorabilia.

The Hardy Boys, popular as ever, are still being reinvented in new ideas and products. September 2005 saw the release of the first ever Hardy Boys / Nancy Drew "Supermystery" PC Game. In 2002-3, Random House issued the first seven volumes on audio cassette


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